countries with the most favorable exchange rates

Where To Visit NOW: Countries With the Most Favorable Exchange Rates

Are you currently in the midst of planning your perfect vacation? Among famed destinations, duration, sites to see, culture and countless other factors, knowing how to get the most of your budget is key to having the time of your life. To maximize your dollar, finding destinations to countries with the most favorable exchange rates can be helpful. With so many great locations and vacation spots to choose from, why not look into global cities where the US dollar goes far. In relation to the rest of the world, the US dollar is gaining back its hold on the currency market. Even after exchange fees, everyone still wants the biggest bang for their buck. Being able to visit the most popular tourist spots that also happen to be the best places to stretch a dollar is high on any traveler’s to go list.

Top travel spots that just got cheaper for Americans:

  • All European countries that utilize the Euro. Currently there are 19 European Member States that use the Euro as their sole form of currency. Included in the 19 are Germany, France, Italy and Spain. By June 2017, $1 USD brought about .89 Euro in value. With so many landmarks, museums and history, a great vacation will be easy to put together with the added benefit of saving! When planning your vacation consider these European destinations as some of the best places to go on a strong dollar.
  • Countries that utilize the British Pound. A few popular international country destinations that have a favorable exchange rate include all of the UK, South Georgia, and the Isle of Man. With so much history to see, getting .78 for every USD will be worth its weight!
  • The Indian Rupee is currently one of the most advantageous currency exchanges from the U.S. Dollar. Very recently, the exchange rate for this currency was 64.43 to $1 USD. Mark this popular international destination on your map.
  • Australia is also one of the top destination get-aways with favorable exchange rates. In summer of 2017, the Australian dollar was sitting at 1.31 to $1 USD. Sun, sand, and plenty of relaxation under the Australian sun. While you’re there, check out Perth, The Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney!
  • As late as June of this year, $1 USD would get you 1.32 Canadian Dollars! If you’re looking for an international location without extensive travel, Canada’s currency also has a great exchange rate to the U.S. Dollar. Visit our friends to the North for an affordable vacation that keeps you closer to home!

Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your vacation by staying at a bed and breakfast or you are staying at the most lavish of establishments, help your pocket book make the most of your vacation this spring by choosing one of the best international destinations in countries with the most favorable exchange rates before exchange fees. Saving more per USD means more pampering, dining out, and experiences you’ll be able to enjoy while you travel the world! Regardless of which destination you choose, make sure you research what identification and travel documents you will need to get you safely and securely to and from your international vacation destination. Obtaining your passport might be the first step in your long to do list when choosing your next vacation hot-spot!


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