What You Need To Know About Traveling Abroad With Children

Traveling alone is one thing, but when traveling abroad with children it can get a little complicated. Getting from location to location, packing, accommodations, the plane ride and of course even where you’ll be dining will now have an added twist. Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a chore though. Bringing the whole family for a fun filled vacation will go down in the books as a memory worth reliving! Traveling with children on airplanes can be a daunting thought all on its own, especially with younger kids. To help you combat getting your family from point A to point B, we’ve got a few pointers for you.

Here are some tips for traveling abroad with children:

  • Bring snacks, and lots of them! Don’t trust that a packet of airline crackers or peanuts is going to tide them over. Pack enough to keep them occupied for not only the flight, but for the wait in the airport too. Flying with children can also be made easier with in-flight movies, or media loaded on tablets.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Kids have a way of throwing a wrench in your plans, so leave yourself lots of wiggle room in your schedule. Getting to the airport 20 minutes earlier than normal is a much better problem than 15 minutes late.
  • Keep them entertained by stocking up on games, books, and even toys. Packing them each a small bag filled with exciting new goodies will help occupy them on the flight. Sitting still for a long period can be a real challenge for anyone, let alone the under 12 crowd!
  • Bring plenty of changes of clothes for the youngsters! If your family includes a baby, be sure to bring enough diapers, changes of clothing, plastic bags and wipes. Prepare for every diaper disaster, spit up debacle, and sippy cup explosion.
  • Take advantage of your airline’s family/small children policies. This usually means early boarding to allow your family enough time to get in and get settled before the rush of other passengers.
  • Remember not to plan too much in one day. New and exciting places can tucker out even the most adventurous adults. Don’t stack too much on their plates, an overtired toddler can ruin everyone’s day!
  • Choose things that appeal to them. While you may think they’ll love the art museum, they might find it a little on the boring and monotonous side. Find things that excite them and are unique to your location.

Knowing how to travel with children doesn’t mean you’ll leave out all the fun adult stuff on your vacation. Variety and a little balance will ensure everyone has a great time, and will leave you feeling great about the time you’ve spent wherever you’ve chosen to go. Before you pack your bags, make sure you’ve looked into the travel requirements on IDs and documentation for your kids. You’ll definitely need their certified birth certificate in order to board most flights and their own passport for all international travel. Remember to a have a good time, and don’t forget your camera!

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