What To Do When You Lose Your Passport In a Foreign Country

Are you traveling to a foreign country soon for vacation or business? If so, it is smart to have a plan in place if you lose your passport. While no one wants plans on misplacing their passport, more often than not, passports are stolen by pickpocketers. This dreadful event can leave victims feeling helpless and scared in a foreign country. If you have a plan in place, just in case of an emergency situation like losing your passport in a foreign country, you can quickly resolve the issue and continue your travels.

Follow these steps on what to do when you lose your passport in a foreign country:

  • Contact local authorities in your area if possible. The police will be able to assist you if you do not speak the local language and will help you file a report whether your passport was lost or stolen. They will also be able to direct you to the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate, with the necessary documents in hand.
  • Next, Contact the United States Embassy or Consulate. Larger cities most likely have a U.S. embassy while smaller towns will have a Consulate. Both will be able to help you get a temporary replacement passport so you can return home. Be sure to bring a copy of your police report, as some office may require it.
  • Prepare the proper documents you will need at the Embassy to receive a replacement passport. Bring the following items to the embassy:
    • 2 New Passport Photos
    • Copy of Police Report (if possible)
    • Copy of another Photo ID – if your wallet was stolen, ask a family member to fax you a copy of any form of photo ID
    • Replacement Form
  • Rebook your trip back home

To avoid having to deal with this stressful situation, consider the option of carrying a copy of your passport and leaving your real passport locked in the hotel safe. You can also carry your driver’s license with you as a form of photo ID. If you must have your passport on you while exploring in a new country, be sure to always keep it in a safe place like a zipped purse or neck strap. For a government certified copy of your birth certificate contact VitalChek and we can quickly help your vital records.

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