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Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Wedding planning can sometimes be the most stressful and time consuming part of organizing your special day. It can be hard to figure out who to seat where, where to order your cake, what you want your flowers to look like, what the latest wedding trends are…the list goes on! Sometimes when planning our big day it’s easy to get caught up in the miniscule details – schedules, menus and flower arrangements need to be perfect, after all. But when it comes to creating an event that will live on forever in memory, it’s ok to get wrapped up in perfection. Before getting too carried away in the perfect color palette and wedding favor ideas, it can be a refreshing break to consider what sort of wedding traditions you’d like to have present at your reception or when you say “I do”. In this day and age, variety is the spice of life. While some couples choose to start their own new traditions involving friends and family, others choose to incorporate popular cultural wedding traditions into their wedding day celebrations.

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Whether you’re adding common traditions or creating new ones during your big day, incorporating wedding traditions in your ceremony will only add to your great memories on your wedding day.


Wedding Traditions – Culture From Around the World

Regardless of where your family tree sprouted, incorporating some of your culture’s wedding traditions into your wedding day can be a fun way to honor your heritage. Even if you don’t plan on having a traditional wedding ceremony, using some traditions during your wedding will help make it unique while creating special memories for you and your guests. Check out some of the more well known wedding traditions from around the world:

Germany – In Deutschland, a traditional wedding ceremony includes the bride and groom sawing a log in half in front of their wedding guests! Meant to exhibit their ability to work together and conquer obstacles throughout their long lives together.

Fiji – It’s tradition in Fiji that when a young man asks a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage he bring a whale’s tooth as a gift.

Greece – This Greek wedding tradition falls on the best man. It’s common there for the best man of the wedding party to shave the face of the groom, giving literal meaning to the term “groomsman”.

Russia – This is one of the sweeter wedding traditions we found! In Russia, the newlyweds share a sweet pastry type bread called karavaya. Whoever takes the biggest mouthful of this treat becomes head of the household.

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In Russian, newlyweds share a sweet bread called karavaya. Whoever gets the biggest mouthful is named head of the household.


Philippines – Releasing two white doves on your wedding day is a popular wedding tradition in the Philippines. One male and one female bird to represent a long harmonious life together.

Cuba – This is one of those wedding traditions that could really help pay for your big day! In Cuba, it’s traditional for any men that dance with the bride to pin money to her wedding dress. It helps the new couple pay for the wedding celebrations and honeymoon.

Pakistan – Hopefully your groom is lighthearted if you plan to add this wedding tradition to your events. In Pakistan, the bride’s sisters and cousins steal the groom’s shoe! If he wants it back, he’ll have to pay a ransom.

When it comes to American wedding traditions, the U.S. has the widest variety of cultures and traditions found at ceremonies over anywhere around the world. With so many people from so many countries, with heritage tracing back all over the globe, families from widely different backgrounds come together and combine their traditions to create their perfect wedding day. Even if you have your perfect wedding ceremony planned out and you don’t feel there’s a place for common traditions at your wedding, you can always create your very own wedding traditions to pass down to friends and family. After all, it’s your day! Make it perfect.

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If you aren’t interested in adding common wedding traditions to your traditional wedding ceremony, consider creating your own traditions to share with friends and family!

While you’re planning your perfect day, it may be helpful to utilize wedding planning sites to keep you organized; they have tools to help you find resources from vendors to venues and everything inbetween. Well before the big day, make sure you learn what vital documents you’ll need to get married based on what state you’ll be tying the knot. Each state’s requirements and waiting times are different, so give yourself plenty of time to get your paperwork in order. After all is said and done, we hope your wedding day is perfect, no matter what traditions you decided on, and congratulations from everyone at VitalChek!


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