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VitalChek Helps Recover Lost Government Issued Documents

In September 19, 2013

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Knowing the whereabouts of your vital documents at all times is critical. Your family’s vital records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and divorce records should always be locked away in a safe place where you can obtain them easily. What if you need to access a relative’s death certificate, or your parents’ marriage certificate? Imagine if your birth certificate and other vital documents disappeared due to theft, fire or natural disaster? What would you do? We’ve put together some easy information on how to recover lost government issued documents to give you some peace of mind.

VitalChek Helps Replace Lost Government Issued Documents

Thanks to VitalChek, a government approved vital record ordering service, your lost or missing documents can be recovered quickly and conveniently. VitalChek has direct relationships with State, county and local governments responsible for issuing such documents nationwide. This allows for speedy replacement of all of your vital papers.

Can Records Always Be Replaced Quickly by VitalChek?

Most of the time, records can be ordered and delivered to you within about a week, and in some cases as quickly as 2-3 days. Keep in mind, certain circumstances can exist that may extend this time, including older documentation that may be stored in remote facilities requiring an agent of the proper bureau to perform a physical search. Providing insufficient or incorrect information, or limited staffing resources at the issuing agency can also slow the process. To help prevent delays, it is important to provide all requested information regarding dates, parental names, and exact location of the birth, death, marriage, or divorce. Be sure to provide anything else that may be relevant, such as any requested additional documentation, as required by the issuing agency for identity validation purposes.

What Documents Does VitalChek Help Replace?

VitalChek services can be used to order official vital records across the nation, from local, county, and/or state governments responsible for such documents. With VitalChek, you will be able to order the following types of official, certified documents, with an appropriate seal and valid for most legal purposes:

  • Birth Certificates – Necessary for using as proof of citizenship, losing a birth certificate can delay getting a passport, a marriage license, enlistment into the military or even acceptance to many jobs.
  • Death Certificates – Needed for insurance and estate purposes and settlement of personal affairs. The Social Security Administration requires a copy to close out records, pay a death benefit or transfer payments to the surviving spouse.
  • Marriage Records – This document is especially critical for married women as proof of name change and may be required for Social Security, Immigration, the IRS and the DMV for licensing.
  • Divorce Records – Without a divorce certificate, you may be held responsible for debts incurred by your spouse after your divorce. You may also not remarry without producing this document.

To help ensure that your documents do not wind up in the wrong hands, many of these issuing agencies utilize identity validation systems to assure that you are entitled to receive the certificate requested. This helps ensure you’re the correct individual making the request. This may include providing additional details about yourself, and possibly submitting identifying documentation (such as a photo ID copy). Be assured that VitalChek and the issuing agencies take your security very seriously. VitalChek handles all information provided in the most secure manner possible.

There are many ways that vital documents can be lost today;  moving from place to place, being packed up and forgotten about, theft, fire, natural disaster, or carelessness by a parent, spouse or sibling are all common causes. How comforting it is to know that you have VitalChek on your side to help recover lost government issued documents quickly and securely, when the need arrives.


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