Unique wedding destinations

Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning can be loads of fun! After all, it’s the experience of seeing your perfect big day unfold down to the finest of details. For some couples, the perfect wedding means gorgeous hand made arrangements at the best local venue, with all your handpicked decorations and additions that make the day distinctly all about you. For others, however, getting married and the actual service can be just as perfect when they choose the perfect destination wedding. If you’re ideal perfect spot to say “I do!” includes getting away to a remote spot, check out some of these unique destination wedding ideas to help make your special day truly about you and your loved one!

Destination wedding ideas
Finding the perfect wedding venue can be difficult. If you haven’t considered the convenience and potential for cost savings of booking a destination wedding, it might be a great option.

Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

The concept of flying off to a unique destination to recite your vows is an exciting and sometimes easier way to plan your wedding day. From resorts to cruises, festivals to special events focused on your special interests or hobbies, destination weddings can be a great way to relieve some of the stress of wedding planning. Most destination wedding venues offer packages that range from full service food and beverage, with lodging, activities and other fun details exclusive to their location. If you aren’t quite sure where to go for a destination wedding, you might consider somewhere a little more unique to help make your special day even more memorable. Check out our list of unique destination wedding ideas to help inspire the details of your perfect day!

  • Treehouse weddings – Some people think “destination wedding” and picture sandy beaches and palm trees. If you’re looking for a truly unique and intimate destination wedding location, consider Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington. With cozy treehouses for you and your guests, this might be the perfect quiet spot for your wedding day. You can say your vows up in the treetops while enjoying the gorgeous views and local activities. 
wedding in a treehouse
Find a cozy treehouse like this in Issaquah, Washington, where getting married in the treetops is the norm!
  • Portuguese palaces or castles – Experience the class of historic castles and palaces in Portugal by checking out Wedding Venues Portugal, an event company that helps you plan an extravagant wedding in some of the most gorgeous venues Portugal has to offer. Get married in the historic History Museum located in the old horse riding arena of the Belem Palace, official home of the President of Portugal or choose from one of their several other breathtaking venues. 
unique destination wedding ideas
A unique destination wedding venue for you might be the Pena National Palace, in Sintra, Portugal.
  • Harry Potter wedding in Virginia – If a tiny ceremony with your nearest and dearest Harry Potter buffs is your picture perfect big day, check out th Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum in Alexandria, Virginia. It only hosts up to 15 people, but you can whip up some of your favorite potions with real ingredients while being delighted by a fun themed venue.
  • Hot-Air balloon wedding – Albuquerque, New Mexico is known for many things, but their Balloon Fiesta in October might be the perfect time for a wedding in the skies! Hundreds of balloons launch during the famous festival, and although you can say “I do” in a balloon almost any time of year, during the Fiesta seems like a perfectly magical time to do it!
Balloon Fiesta Wedding
If saying your vows with the gorgeous colorful backdrop of hundreds of hot air balloons isn’t enticing to you, we don’t know what could be! Check out the details on getting married at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Glacier weddings – Juneau, Alaska may sound a bit too frigid for your unique destination wedding taste, but for some couples, it’s just the ticket. Alaska Weddings will help you plan lodging, entertainment and other accommodations, but the tip of the iceberg will be the helicopter ride you take to an actual glacier to say your vows. Gorgeous, intimate, but also the experience of a lifetime!
  • Underwater wedding – If any of the other unique destination wedding ideas on our list seem too boring for you, perhaps getting hitched underwater in the Ruins Lagoon at Atlantis, Paradise Island is more your speed. The best part is they have great lodging and wedding packages, and in some packages, you can wrap a cruise vacation into the mix. Cruise honeymoon, anyone?
underwater wedding
Getting married underwater seems pretty unique to us! While you can carry out your vows this way in a variety of locations, a great place to look at wedding packages is the Ruins Lagoon at Atlantis, Paradise Islands, the Bahamas.
  • Vegas wedding with a twist – Sure, Vegas is the place to go for an easy, uncomplicated wedding. But if you’re looking to plan a more extravagant wedding, you might be interested to know that you can get married on Treasure Island Hotel and Casino’s pirate ship. Best part? Your service will be officiated by a ship captain!

We know your creativity can lead you to some pretty epic wedding ideas, and hopefully our suggestions have got your creative wheels turning. If you need more inspiration, consider venues like amusement parks, museums, aquariums and of course the more common resorts and amazing natural venues we get to see in pictures. The best tip we can offer is to think big. Sometimes the cost and idea of a destination wedding can seem daunting, but often times the inclusive packages venues offer can make it easier on your wallet, and your guests, too! With all these fun destinations in mind, we hope wherever you choose, be it the top of a mountain or your gorgeous backyard, is simply breathtaking and perfect in every way. Don’t forget to circle back after you’ve created some amazing memories so VitalChek can help you the less exciting task of obtaining your certified copies of marriage records. Enjoy your big day and have fun planning!


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