best time to buy international airline tickets

Travel Tips: Best Time to Buy International Airline Tickets

International trips are common bucket list line items, but all too often these trips get put off due to the fear of pricey airfares. Fortunately, not every international flight costs thousands of dollars; if you know the best time to buy international airline tickets you can avoid pricey surcharges. You can finally go on the trip you’ve always dreamt about without breaking the bank. Finding cheap international flights can take some research but it will pay off in the long run! Follow these tips on how find cheap airline tickets and never pay too much for flights again.


Planned trips can be the hardest to find cheap flights for, but it isn’t impossible. Follow these steps when you need to plan your travels a few months in advance:

  • Book tickets at the right time: The best time to buy airline tickets is on a Tuesday, at 3:00PM Eastern time. If last minute flight deals won’t work for you, this tip will help you book cheap tickets while still being able to plan your trip in advance.
  • Make your search private:Turn on your browser’s privacy or incognito mode anytime you search for flights.This can be found in the setting bar of your browser. Incognito mode keeps websites from tracking your interactions and means that you can freely price compare without worrying that the prices will go up as you search.
  • Pick the long layover: If your trip requires a layover, consider booking it in two parts. International flights with long layovers can be hundreds of dollars less than flights with short or no layover time. A day long layover means you can explore another city during your vacation!


Spontaneous trips are easier to find cheap flights for because you aren’t limited by specific travel dates or destinations. Use these tips to find cheap last minute airfare to amazing destinations:

  • Follow airlines on social media: Try following the airlines social media or signing up for their newsletters to be notified of last minute flight deals. JetBlue and WOWair often share last minute flights at extremely low prices to international locations on their twitter and via their email newsletters. These deals are first come, first serve, so you have to act quickly when you spot one.
  • Know the off-season: You’ll save money on international flights by flying during the off-season to any given destination. When you book a trip during the later half of January and February, airline prices tend to be more affordable because most people are done traveling after the holidays until spring. Chances are that hotel rates will be lower as well.


Now that know how to find cheap airline tickets, you also need to make sure your passport is ready. Many countries require that a passport be no closer than 6 months to its expiration date to be considered valid. If you need to renew your passport, make sure you have your birth certificate ready to mail in to the National Passport Processing Center, along with an approved photo and DS-82 form. VitalChek can help you obtain your birth certificate if you do not have one to send for your passport renewal. Once your passport is ready, you’ll be able to plan out trips or take advantage of last minute opportunities. Happy travels!


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