top travel destinations for 2019

Top Travel Destinations for 2019

On the quest for the perfect international vacation destination for 2019? Maybe you chose marking off some great travel spots as a new year’s resolution, or perhaps you’re just looking to see a bit more of the world. Getting away for a quality vacation can be difficult, especially when you’ve got a full time job, kids in school, or other serious routine obligations. That’s why when you do finally get around to planning your dream vacation, knowing the top travel destinations for 2019 will come in handy. You really want to get the most for your buck, and if you’re taking into consideration things like sustainable travel and the trendiest 2019 travel destinations, you can really craft a unique vacation experience around some amazing places. 

Top Travel Destinations of 2019

There are must-see travel destinations that just go without saying, but customizing your bucket list travel itinerary can carry some awesome perks when it comes to the kind of experience you’ll have. That’s why considering hot trends and other top travel destinations of 2019 might be a good way to get some inspiration. Below are a few of the best places to travel in 2019.

Berlin, Germany – 2019 marks the start of some big events and anniversaries for Germany. Not only does the Futorium museum and idea lab open this year, but it’s also the 300th anniversary of the birth of Mozart. The year 2020 marks the 30th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall, so celebrations, exhibits and performances are aplenty. 

International travel to Berlin
Visit Berlin to check out some pretty awesome celebrations in preparation of the 30 year anniversary of tearing down the Berlin Wall.

Vietnam – Many don’t realize what a gorgeous place Vietnam is but it’s certainly gaining in popularity as a tourist hot spot,. If you haven’t seen photos of the breathtaking view of the Golden Bridge, located in the Paradise Garden, you’re missing out! Aside from some gorgeous views, the culture, food, and other sights will make you wish you had more time there. 

the golden bridge - top travel destinations for 2019
The Golden Bridge in Vietnam definitely made our list for top travel destinations for 2019!

Venice, Italy– If you’d like to add something truly unique to your itinerary, make your way to Venice. While the typical and traditional activities can fill the gaps in your agenda, consider checking out the Orient Express. The original train began its trek throughout Europe in the 1880s, and now it’s gaining popularity with the travel crowd. Appealing to a bougie and sophisticated kind of traveler, go back in time and experience fine dining, entertainment, sleep cars and all the fun that goes along with them. 

The Pantanal, Brazil – The plant and animal lifeat the Pantanal, the planet’s largest wetland,   will blow your mind. Underdeveloped travel and infrastructure had previously limited access into the wetlands, but now not only can you travel directly there, you also have water travel options to help you see just how gorgeous and awe inspiring this region really is. Be sure to  plan your visit betweenMay and October as this is the area’s dry season.

Pantanal best places to travel in 2019
Previously difficult to travel to, take in the gorgeous scenery, get a glimpse of amazing wildlife, and enjoy a landscape that is mostly untouched. All these things make the Pantanal one of the best places to travel in 2019.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia– In the past, most travelers regardedKuala Lumpur as more trouble than it was worth. As the capital of Malaysia, it had a chaotic and sometimes unorganized feel. Fortunately, the city has made big improvements in hospitality, resuling in more luxurious lodging options, improved dining, and additional cultural events and museums to visit., With all the improvements,  Kuala Lumpur is an up-and-coming destination on our 2019 travel list. 

Ecuador – If sustainable travel is at the top of your list, Ecuador definitely ranks up there for top travel destinations for 2019. Tourism to this destination is on the rise, in part due to their crack down on plastic waste – something that we consider a good thing! They stepped up their regional policies to help protect the environment and they’ve also added more ships to their cruise fleet.

2019 travel destinations
With a green initiative and a crack down on plastic, if sustainable travel is important to you, Ecuador should hit your list for awesome 2019 travel destinations.

Now that you’ve got a bit of international travel inspiration, you should probably start planning. Grab a certified copy of your birth certificate, get that passport application going and get excited for your adventure to begin! 

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