Top Locations for a Destination Wedding

Are you tired of the hassle of planning a wedding and having all your friends and relatives come to you? What about decorations, the invitations, the stress of organizing and event planning? Destination weddings can help take away some of the stress of wedding planning while providing you with gorgeous location to have your wedding. You may even be able to get good deals on travel packages that include the food, venue, decorations, even lodging and sometimes airfare. If the stress of incorporating all the little details is getting you down, maybe looking into destination wedding ideas is the best choice for you. Inclusive destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, with tropical locations topping the list. Perhaps a Caribbean wedding suits your idea of your perfect day, or maybe a Florida destination wedding is more in your plans. Regardless of where you choose, an affordable destination wedding can allow you to enjoy your day to the fullest!

Some of the Best Destination Wedding Locations:

Belize – You can get comparable airfare to this exotic location as to a multitude of already popular locations. With so much in common with most of the Caribbean, it’s a quaint alternative from its Central American counterparts. Not only can you bask in the sun on a beach, but Belize has history, wildlife, and a wide assortment of activities to occupy yourself and your guests on your trip.

Florida – Florida pops up as a desirable destination wedding location simply because there is SO much to choose from. Resorts up and down the state, and Orlando being the Theme Park Capital of the world, you’ll be able to incorporate buckets of fun with the day of your dreams.

Hawaii – Without too much trouble, a Hawaii destination wedding gets you far enough overseas, without leaving the U.S. Sunset weddings or maybe a beach wedding, you can plan an affordable destination wedding that includes the gorgeous scenery with daily outings, wildlife sightings, and the added ease of a wedding coordinator with your budget in mind.

Budapest, Hungary – With a rich history and amazing architecture, much of this city in Europe is a colorful eyeful to take in. Delicious cuisine and pedestrian tours, you can organize an all-inclusive destination that will combine intense scenery and museums with a classic feel.

Sydney, Australia – Have you always wanted to visit “Down Under”? An affordable all-inclusive wedding in one of Australia’s largest cities has its perks. Harbour side, it has botanical gardens, an impressive Opera House, and various other impressive sights to see will complete your destination with a built in honeymoon. Get married on the beach and dabble in Australia’s culture, all at the same time.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, why not take the guess work out of it by contacting a wedding coordinator or the resort staff at one of the above top destination wedding locations? Don’t waste your valuable time working out the trivial details. Encourage your closest friends and family to travel away with you and enjoy a lavish vacation on a budget around one of the most important times of your life! Look into what you need in getting the proper travel documents to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable, and after all is said and done, enjoy your big day!

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