Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Planning summer vacation gives you and the family something to look forward to, but it can also get a bit stressful. Planning a vacation is always filled with questions on where to go, where to get the best deals, how to get there, and will we need passports? Follow this helpful summer vacation planning guide to make sure you have the best vacation this summer!

Planning your family’s summer vacation can be a well thought-out decision or it can be a bit spontaneous – luckily you can still get deals for hotels and travel either way. When planning out a trip far in advance, catch some early bird discounts or plan your trip for the off-season depending on your destination. Generally you can catch early discounts if you book at least 1 month in advance. While a last-minute strategy isn’t for everyone, anyone who is comfortable with a little bit of the unknown can score some amazing deals by waiting. Many hotels would rather have guests in the room as opposed to an empty room, and with a little bit of haggling you may be able to get some great discounts on your stay. Another way to grab a hotel deal is by calling to see if they offer any discounts not listed on their website or a booking service website.

Planning out your mode of transportation depends on any time or budgetary restraints, special needs, or personal/family preferences. Most flight deals will be less expensive when you can book them months before your trip, specifically 50-100 days out and on a Tuesday. While it can certainly pay off to do your research between different websites, like Expedia® or Kayak®, don’t forget to look at the airline website as well. Sometimes you can get a better rate or get extra benefits from the airline directly by avoiding the middleman. For a general idea of how much the price difference is if you fly, take a bus or train, or drive, you can visit this website to help you pick the best route to get to your final destination.

Whether or not you will need a passport will depend on your vacation destination. Any trips outside of the United States (including Canada and/or Mexico) will require a passport. However for travel inside of the United States, a government issued photo ID will suffice-this includes flights to Alaska or Hawaii as well as all other U.S. locations. Though it is strongly recommended to have more than one government issued photo ID with you when you travel in case of an accident.

At VitalChek, we can help make sure you have the proper documentation needed to travel both inside and outside of the United States. We are your one stop location for your family’s vital records, including birth certificates, which are needed to obtain a photo ID or a U.S. passport. Contact us today to order your vital records so you can start planning your next great summer vacation.


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