Tips for Planning Your Spring Break Vacation

In March 14, 2016

With the weather warming up, students and parents alike are anxious to start planning their spring break vacations. Whether it’s an international destination, or close to home, spring break usually means a whole lot of fun! Planning a spring break trip probably started the moment the first snowflake fell in fall. School kids of all ages, including college students, look forward to a week-long getaway from the hard work and grind of studying and school work. Your spring break vacation ideas may include a lot of rest and relaxation or you might have more of a wild and crazy adventure in mind; either way, you’ll want to be best prepared no matter where you travel.

Below are some tips on how to plan a great spring break trip:

  • Look for package deals that include airfare and lodging. Often airlines and accommodations will pair together for great specials around the most popular times of year. Combining your airfare and lodging might save you a couple hundred bucks!
  • Pick a destination that you know you’re going to enjoy. Don’t go to Orlando just because everyone else is; choose a spot where you think you’ll have the most fun. Explore somewhere you’ve never been, or consider the “stay-cation” if you prefer to enjoy your spring break at home. Road trips are also a great spring break getaway. Load up the car with your best friends and head off into the sunset!
  • Be safe. Make sure you know the area you’re going to and all the right contacts, resources and general location of important facilities. This is especially important for college students planning a spring break trip abroad. If you plan on drinking, make sure you’re always aware of the local laws as well as where you are and who you’re with. Planning ahead and checking out your vacation spot beforehand can help you get more familiar with the area.
  • Plan a budget that is reasonable, but allows you to splurge a little. Being away from home in a fun place for a week can definitely entice you to over spend. A snack here, a gift here and even a site-seeing trip added in somewhere can add up fast. To ensure you don’t overspend and find yourself hurting financially upon your return, make a list of things you want to see and do before you get to your destination. And don’t forget to pace yourself!
  • Be practical. Don’t try to cram too much into your vacation time and be sure to allow for some downtime or recovery time, especially if you plan on partaking in festivities. Most importantly though, plan on having lots of fun!

Spring break planning can be half the excitement of your actual trip. There are numerous locations to choose from, a great time away from school and maybe even your first vacation with friends. Once you’ve decided on a great location to kick off your vacation check out more travel tips to help make your journey even more enjoyable!

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