Last minute internships

Tips for Finding Last Minute Summer Internships

Looking for a last minute internship? Don’t panic if you don’t have an internship lined up yet because there are still plenty of great opportunities out there for you. You’ll want to make sure you have all of your documentation required for working within the U.S. ready because you should start applying to and interviewing for internships as soon as possible. Follow these tips to find and secure a last minute summer internship.


Get your documents ready! First and foremost you should be sure that you are eligible for an internship based on work eligibility requirements. If you will need a government ID such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport, obtaining those should be first on your priority list. With VitalChek, you can place an express order and typically receive your birth certificate copy within about a week. If you are looking to use your passport, renewal time can take up to 8 weeks, with the expedited option taking around 2 weeks.


Once you have your proof of identity and work eligibility figured out, you should work on your resume. Tailor your resume to the standards of the industry you’ll be looking to work in and be sure to highlight your skills that are most useful for the position itself. Hiring managers and recruiters spend on average 10 seconds looking over a resume and if nothing stands out, it can easily be passed over. Last but not least, have a minimum of 2 people edit it to catch any small errors or typos.


Start researching available summer internships by first visiting your college’s career office and by talking to professors. These two resources are not only more likely to land you a last minute internship in your industry but also chances are you’ll be able to get a personal introduction or a letter of recommendation out of this avenue as well. If you have been searching the typical LinkedIn or Glassdoor job sites and haven’t found anything of interest, you should also consider going directly to the company you’d like to work for. It is becoming more common for companies to post job listings and internships on their own career pages as opposed to job boards. So, be sure to check out the opportunities they list on their website if an external search hasn’t given you great results.


If you’ve used every resource to look for a last minute internship and still haven’t found one, another great option is to contact nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are constantly looking for volunteers and chances are they will work with you to develop your desired skill set in return for your commitment. Build an app if you are looking to get into the tech industry, manage donation contributions if you are looking to get into the finance industry, or volunteer for a youth group if you are looking to get into social work or education. There are so many options available outside of traditional and formal corporate internships!


With determination, securing a last minute internship can come to fruition! Utilizing all of your available resources can help you find an internship that you’ll not only enjoy but that will give you the experience you need for your career.

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