The Top 10 Items to Pack for a Business Trip

In February 10, 2016

The exciting and sometimes tiresome task of traveling for business can be quite an adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler or brand new to work trips, a business travel packing checklist is a great tool to help keep you organized. You have enough to think about with big presentations, paperwork, fantastic appearances, and getting the job done to be worried about whether or not you forgot the necessities. A business travel checklist can also cut down on the amount of stuff you end up bringing. Duplicate items and over packing can not only be inconvenient when it’s time to find something, but you can also find yourself paying more in baggage fees when you check your luggage at the counter.

Below are some of the must haves when you travel for business:

  1. All of Your Technology Needs – These items should be of the upmost importance for your business trip packing list! Laptop, tablets, thumb-drives, cell phones and of course all of the necessary chargers to go with your equipment, should all get special notice.
  2. ID – Obviously you’ll need the proper ID in order to board the plane, but if you’re traveling internationally make sure you’ve looked into what documentation you need to acquire a passport. You’ll want to start with a certified copy of your birth certificate if you don’t already have your passport. Your ID needs may also include any ID Badges you may need to enter offices or gain access to conferences or other establishments.
  3. Business Cards – Something so small to forget can be a really big inconvenience. The best way to network and get contact information from you can be the simple hand off of your business card!
  4. Receipt Storage – If your costs and expenses are coming out of pocket, make sure you find a way to keep track of all of your receipts for your return home. Companies generally won’t reimburse you without proper documentation.
  5. Business Outfits – You should have business outfits for each day you plan on doing business on your trip, plus two extra outfits. A spilled cup of coffee can completely ruin your morning’s start unless you have a backup change of business attire. Pack basic bottom colors that will go together well with tops regardless of what combination you wear them. Also, in the event that your business rolls into an unplanned day, you’ll be prepared.
  6. Workout Clothing – If you’re the type to utilize your hotel’s gym equipment, or even plan on going for a run, make sure you’ve included at least one set of exercise clothing.
  7. Toiletries – The easiest way to make your trip seem a little more comfortable and not quite so far from home is to include your normal bathroom essentials. Every travel packing checklist should include your own shampoo, lotions, toothpastes, soaps, and other personal bathroom items. These things can go a long way in making you feel a little cozier in your temporary surroundings.
  8. Office Supplies – Don’t get caught at your client’s office without your pad of paper and pen, or electronic notepad. Make sure you bring any office supplies you think you’ll need for whatever task you’re there to handle.
  9. Weather and Climate Related Accessories – Things like a small foldup umbrella or an easily compactible set of ear muffs are a great idea to stash in your suitcase depending on where you’re going. A quick rain shower on your way from the hotel to the meeting can foil things in a hurry!
  10. Entertainment or Reading Material – Long flights, bus rides, waiting rooms and even back at the hotel are excellent opportunities to catch up on. A good book, crosswords or another mindless distraction can help your day fly by.

Traveling for work can be fun and exciting. A change of pace and scenery, coupled with getting paid, can be a big perk to your job description. By using a list like the one above you’ll keep organized, on track and well prepared for whatever your destination has in store. Hopefully you’ll get plenty of work done, with a little bit of fun too!


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