Summer Travel Planning for College Students

The best part of being a college student is getting the opportunity to experience new things whether through your college or another young adult travel program. As a college student, you get the vacation time during spring break, holiday break, and summer break to travel, and you should definitely take advantage of this time. Once you graduate from college, finding time to travel becomes harder, especially if you take a normal 9 to 5 job. If you are looking for summer vacation trips for college students like yourself, we have a few helpful ideas for both international and domestic summer vacations.

When thinking about summer trip ideas, you should determine what you personally want out of the trip. Would you like it to be educational, volunteer based, or strictly leisure? Knowing which type of trip you would enjoy most is the first step in finding the right vacation for your wants and needs. Here are some domestic and international college summer travel programs that will offer educational, volunteer, or leisure trips.

Domestic Summer Vacation Trips:

  • Educational summer programs within the United States may be available through your college and this should be your first resource. Find out if there is an internship or a domestic exchange program that you can be a part of for the summer. If you would like an educational experience outside of your college, you can check out this resource for educational travel within the U.S.
  • If you want to use your summer vacation to volunteer you can reach out to a number of programs such as Habitat for Humanity or you can look to government programs such as the VA Voluntary Service.
  • If you want to enjoy your summer break by taking a relaxing and fun road trip, then there are plenty of options for you too. Summer road trips for college students are a great way for a group of friends to share a once in a lifetime trip together. There are plenty of ways to plan for this trip – either map out the cities you would like to visit and drive to them, or you can use a service like Wanderu to help plan an affordable trip with cheap bus and train travel to and from major U.S. cities.  

International Summer Vacation Trips:


  • Studying abroad is a rewarding way to stay on top of your studies while also visiting another country. Perhaps you have always wanted to travel to Europe? If so, check with your college to see if they offer an international study program during the summer semester. This way you get to travel and stay on course by taking credited classes in your dream destination!
  • If you would like to volunteer abroad during your summer vacation, you can also see if your college has any offerings. If you want to look outside of your college for a program, there are programs such as ISV and United Planet which help college students find the best volunteer program abroad.
  • Want to experience another country and stroll through the areas that interest you most in a relaxing summer long vacation? Programs such as EF College Break can help you plan a trip. If you are looking to plan the trip on your own places such as Amsterdam, Florence, Dublin, or the Caribbean Islands are good places to start looking for affordable deals. These locations are known for being tourist hotspots but you can find hostels, host families, or inexpensive private hotel rooms if you book right outside of the cities or a few steps further from major tourist spots.


This summer plan a trip that you will never forget. Whether with friends or family, getting a chance to get away from your hometown or college town can be refreshing. If your travel requires any important vital records, be sure to order them prior to your trip. At VitalChek, we can take care of the vital records while you enjoy planning your summer vacation.


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