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Summer Activities for Kids | Family Summer Fun

While summer means longer days, BBQs, road trips and adventures outdoors, most of us are still tied to our jobs and the daily grind. If you’ve got kids at home though, summer means a whole lot of free time and the need for activities and fun stuff to do. While having a family brings the excitement and opportunity for amazing and memorable vacations and summer trips, summer fun for kids can be easier and keep you guys closer to home. Sometimes it’s difficult to get vacation time, and trips with families can be pricey. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your kids a great summer experience, and there’s plenty to do that involves the whole family, right here at home. We’ve put together a few super fun summer activities for kids to help you create great memories and keep their minds occupied!

Summer Activities for Kids – Fun Things to do This Summer

We want to give our kids everything, who doesn’t? But sometimes long and action packed vacations aren’t always an option. At the same time, keeping our kids entertained during the summer months can be a task all of itself. Here are a few fun summer activities for kids that will keep them entertained and out of your hair without tapping out your wallet. You might even be able to cross off one of your kiddos child sized bucket list items! 

  • Sleepovers and backyard camping – while creating the perfect backyard adventure might need to include inviting your kid’s best friends over, it can be way more fun than a real camping trip! Set up some twinkle lights, some tents, sleeping bags, lots of pillows – the best part? Bathrooms are just a few feet away, you can keep an eye on them while giving them a bit of freedom, and bugs are way lessof a problem. You can spice up the night with an outdoor movie showing, s’mores in a fire pit, and let’s face it, if anyone just can’t handle the great outdoors, the comfort of home is right next door.
  • Make attending a sporting event a tradition – summer is jam packed with local and major league sporting events. From school age leagues to pro teams, there’s gonna be a sporting event several times a week. Nothing beats enjoying a hot dog and some popcorn at a ball game to really make summer memories stick. 
  • Learn about nature in your backyard – you can seek out bug catching kits and go for a bug hunt right in your backyard. If you have the opportunity to visit local open spaces, there’s a great chance to see even more bugs, lizards and wildlife your kids may not be exposed to otherwise! Quiet streams and creeks are a great spot to explore! A fun new activity is painting rocks and hiding them for other people to find. It’s a great way to get your kids thinking creatively and getting them involved in the outdoors. 
summer fun for kids
Explore nature in your backyard or at local parks or nature locations near your home. Bug catching, bird watching and playing in creeks can help burn off some energy while learning about their environment!
  • Build, create, construct and design – you can find local camps and creative workshops that can nurture your children’s creativity. If you have a children’s museum or art museum local to you, they often have some pretty awesome programs that provide fun summer activities for kids. Usually these programs come at a minimal fee, and many of them are drop off programs. This might help with some childcare coverage while you need to work. 
  • Water parks and splash pads – not everyone has access to amusement parks and water parks, but many townships and parks and recreation departments across the country have established splash pads in their parks. Splash pads are a great way to keep cool, enjoy the sun, and burn off some energy! 
  • Make a push pin map of your city.Step one. Get a paper map of your city or town. Step two. Get some fun push pins. Step three. Adventure!! Visit parks, museums…check out local art installments. Go on hikes and see plays. Once you’ve visited a location, head to your paper map (you should hang it up for easy pinning!) and place a push pin on the location. See how many pins you can get in one summer. 
  • Learn a new craft or skill – you and your kids can try your hand at painting, jewelry making, sculpture. Summer activities for kids can absolutely include learning a new time occupying skill or hobby. Get them hooked on art or even gardening or cooking and they’re excitement and need to thrive will help propel their new love into great things!
fun summer activities for kids
Fun summer activities for kids can include picking up new creative and educational skills
  • Garden or go produce picking – teaching your kids how to manage their own gardens is a fantastic skill that’ll help them out throughout their lives. But a great way to spend an afternoon can also include berry picking or visiting a local produce co-op. Get them closer to the food they eat, let them learn about where food comes from, and let them learn just how good things taste right out of the earth!
  • Read! – That’s right. It may not be spending time outdoors…or…it could be! Have your kiddos help you set up a hammock or a reading corner in a shady part of your yard. Add a table for a nice cool glass of lemonade, some throw pillows and bam. Your kids will love their cozy spot and who knows, the adventures of Tom Huck and Narnia may just light a creative fire full of memories for them. 

If it looks like you may not be able to travel anywhere for a summer vacation, that’s ok. Hopefully the above list of summer activities for kids has given you a good start to give your kids a memory filled and totally awesome summer vacation. Even if you have a great vacation planned, you can fill up the rest of their summer with fun, creative and educational experiences. Got a vacation planned? Make sure you know the requirements for identification of child travelers. If your itinerary requires a passport, you can start the passport application process for you and your family by obtaining certified copies of your birth certificates through VitalChek. Otherwise, sit back and get the most out of your summer!

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