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In June 8, 2019

Starting a Genealogy Project – Family Tree Research

With the gradual increase in use of at home DNA kits, its no surprise that more and more people are becoming interested in starting a genealogy project. To be honest, it’s a really fun hobby to get in to! From just wanting to learn where your family hails from, to the search for long lost relatives, starting a genealogy project can find you some great new discoveries and expand your family.

Believe it or not, getting started is the easy part. It’s once you get a few generations back that you might start hitting road blocks. Sometimes vital records and documents may be incomplete, and you’ll need to do a little digging to move forward with your research. If you need some help on what sort of documents you might want to look for in your research, you can read our blog about helpful documents to have on hand here. Sometimes, traveling to official vital records offices may be required if older documents haven’t been digitized.

starting a genealogy project
starting a genealogy project

Optimizing Your Family Tree – Find the Information You Need

When putting together your family history, documentation is key. Make sure you stay organized and document your findings. If you’re using a site like, you’ll find lots of resources and tools to help you keep track of your journey. If you happened to utilize a DNA kit, you can also upload your findings and share them through the site if you so choose.

Sometimes kicking off your family tree means starting right at home, so if you’d like to keep your records complete from the very start, having official copies of your own vital records might be a great place to start. Good luck in filling out your family tree! Let us know what fun things you discover!


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