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Soul Searching Vacations – Trips for Finding Yourself

Family vacations can be a ton of fun. Heading off to a tropical destination with a group of good friends can be an adventure! But sometimes, what we really need is a solo vacation that really speaks to us. Soul searching vacations have always been popular, but now, in the time of COVID-19, solo travelers are finding even more motivation to get out and explore the globe all on their own. With airline prices at an all-time low, and lodging and other travel expenses following suit, now may be the perfect time to hit the road and do a bit of self-discovery. Not only will your cost of travel be down, but traveling alone gives you added flexibility to change your plans on a whim and see the things you really want to see. 

The Top Soul Searching Vacations

Traveling for your physical and mental wellness is quite possibly one of the best mind and body resets a person can do for themselves. Getting away from the daily grind and enjoying experiences around the world can be a great way to gain some refreshing insight and let yourself relax. The benefits of traveling include personal reflection, a sense of calm, and increased happiness and contentment. Check out some of our top soul searching vacations below.

Wellness Resorts and Spas:

  • Canyon Ranch – With locations all over the country, Canyon Ranch offers a variety of wellness-centered activities. From sports to spa therapies, emotional support, and other relaxing treatments, this may be perfect for the adult who wants to get away.
  • The Lodge at Woodloch – Located in Pennsylvania, this gorgeous hideaway focuses on personal awakening. With classes that cater to a variety of interests, you can take part in relaxing activities that include gardening, cooking, and even meditation and various therapy-related activities. 
  • A Bali Silent Retreat – With access to yoga and meditation sessions, hot springs bathing, and the quiet and calm that only the Mt. Batukaru region can truly give you, this may be the perfect retreat for you. While practicing social distancing, this destination lets you unplug (literally), and dive deep into your inner mind.

International Sites and Destinations:

  • A Cruise to Antarctica –  Hurtigruten cruise line offers a once in a lifetime experience to the Antarctic region. The price tag may be a bit high for some, but the experience is well worth it. The cruise line gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from others if that’s what you choose, but as with every cruise, you can interact and mingle with other passengers if that’s your desire. Snowshoeing, site seeing, and taking in the amazing and breathtaking sights is sure to bring you some inner reflection.
  • Backpack Along Scotland’s Beautiful Coasts – All-inclusive backpacking trips mean your trip is planned out, your food and lodging is taken care of, and you have a guide there to help. Packages vary so you can choose how many people you want in your group. Of course, you also have the option of planning your own backpacking trip. Getting out of the city and out of your comfort zone is a great way to look inside yourself and reflect on life.
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If you’re looking for a soul searching solo vacation, Jordan may just be the spot for you. From gorgeous natural sights to archaeological and historical sites, Jordan has tons to offer.
  • Explore Jordan – From the Dead Sea to Petra with so many life changing sites and experiences to see in between, Jordan may be the perfect international destination for soul searching lone travel. With a rich historical and archaeological background, and so many historical things to take in, Jordan is considered one of the warmest and most hospitable places for solo travelers. 

Helping Out – Activism and Charity:

  • Ocean Conservation – It’s not hard to imagine that many conservation organizations offer travel packages that take you to international destinations. Many of these packages include lodging, fun activities, food and other amenities alongside volunteering and assisting with their causes. Cleaning up ocean reefs, beaches and even assisting in aquatic animal care are all options when you check out travel packages from organizations like these.
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Sometimes a wellness vacation includes doing something to help the environment. Conservation destination trips can be all inclusive, while you get the opportunity to help out the environmental causes.
  • Animal Conservation Tours – All over the world there are organizations out to help raise awareness, and utilize animal education to help preserve and sustain wildlife and endangered species. Responsible Vacation is an organization that helps you partake in these soul searching vacation destinations and help with animal conservation efforts. Travel responsibly, learn about working animals around the world, and learn about their role in various cultures by learning about their care and ways to help raise awareness. 

No matter where you choose to travel, we hope your journey helps bring you a sense of calm and rejuvenation. If you’re looking to travel internationally, be sure to get your passport application in as soon as possible. Due to agency closures due to the pandemic, there are delays across the nation. If you need to obtain certified copies of your birth certificate, VitalChek can help. 

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