Should I order vital records online or in person?

Should I Order Vital Records Online or In Person?

Thanks to the shift online in almost every industry, it has become easier to take care of life’s little errands. Whether it means paying bills online during the day or holiday shopping online during the train ride to work, it’s never been easier to get more done in a 24-hour day. Did you know that you can safely order vital records and other important documents online? Thanks to secure internet connections and data encryption used by many websites and agencies today, you can be confident in your online vital record purchases. Say goodbye to the age-old internal debate of “Should I order vital records online or in person?” or “Do I have the time to take a day off of work to go to the clerk’s office?” because you can confidently research and purchase your vital records in a matter of moments, even on your work-day lunch break!

How to identify secure websites

Be on the lookout for secure websites when ordering

First and foremost, online browsing or purchases shouldn’t be carelessly done on a whim.  Luckily there are a few easy ways to identify whether a website is trustworthy or not. The most obvious way to determine if a website is secure is by looking to see if the URL uses HTTPS or HTTP. The “S” signifies the website is secure and is using encryption to protect your personal information. There are other ways to determine if a website is safe and credible which you can read about here, too.

waiting in line to place vital records order

The biggest perk of ordering vital records online vs in person is the fact that there is no line!

Once you have found a secure online provider such as VitalChek, the benefits of ordering vital records online vs in person become even more clear. You can place an order for a government-issued vital record, such as a replacement birth certificate, at your convenience. Online orders can be placed at any hour of the day, any day of the week! Not only does that mean you can place the order when it fits into your schedule but it also means you won’t be stuck taking paid time off of work to visit a Registry of Vital Records or City Clerk’s office. Plus, when you place an order online, you avoid the costs of transportation and parking you may incur while going to the vital records agency in person

Your experience placing an online order vs in person order of your vital records can vary by agency. That is because some agencies rely on third party processing to complete your request which extends your wait time. At VitalChek, we don’t rely on third party processing but work directly with state government to get your government-issued record to you as quickly as possible. Due to VitalChek having direct relationships with the government agencies, we’re not only secure, but also the fastest way to order online. Never worry about a third party losing your application in the mail or sending your records to the wrong address when you order through VitalChek. Learn more about our application process and start an order here!

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