Purchasing Vital Record Certificates Online – the Dos and Don’ts

Ordering vital records online can help make the process easier than having to physically go to an office to make the transaction. However, just like when you order anything online, you want to be sure you know exactly what you are getting from your purchase. Obtaining personal vital records online requires some proof reading prior to hitting submit order – so here are the do’s and don’ts of online vital record orders.

  • Do take time to sit down and go through your online order. Rushing on an order can result in honest mistakes like a misspelling or wrong number that will result in an incorrect order.
  • Don’t order from a suspicious looking website.
  • Do look for a secure network and other trust signals. The site should be https and should have a privacy policy that states whether they encrypt your data and if they sell your private information to third parties.
  • Do Also look for trust signals like BBB accreditation or certified privacy badges
  • Don’t order vital records when using a public Wi-Fi connection.
  • Do expect to provide personal details to verify your identity.
  • Don’t fill out any personal data if there is a pop up that takes you off site.

When you order your vital records such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate online, you need to be sure you are working with a safe and secure company. Your personal data should be treated with high security to be sure it doesn’t make its way into the wrong hands.

When you work with VitalCheck to obtain your personal vital records online you know your data is safe. We work with secure and encrypted connections and never give your data out to anyone else. We stand by our promise that your personal data is private and will stay that way. We also work with SmartShip to provide you with door-to-door package tracking and insure your order. Don’t look any further than VitalChek for your vital records online!


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