President’s Day: Fun Facts About Our Founding Fathers

In February 15, 2016

February 15th, 2016 marks more than just a day off of work for many Americans, it is President’s Day! Celebrated on the third Monday of February, it is a day to acknowledge the leaders of our nation’s past such as the Founding Fathers and to celebrate the current president as well. As always with United States history, there are some fun facts to know about Presidents Day and our Founding Fathers. Riddle these facts off to impress your friends or to simply make conversation this holiday!

  • Presidents Day is also known as President George Washington’s Birthday, even though his real birthday was February 22, 1732.
  • In 1971, Presidents Day was moved to the 3rd Monday of February to comply with the Uniform Holiday Act, which helped give many employed in the U.S. a 3-day weekend as a break from work.
  • John Adams was the first U.S. President to live in the White House in Washington D.C. but he only lived there for 4 months.
  • Benjamin Franklin, not a U.S. President, but a Founding Father, used a pen name to publish copy in the New-England Courant. His pen name was Mrs. Silence Dogood who was a fictional widow. This was the only way he could get his work published in the newspaper.
  • While Alexander Hamilton was never a U.S. President, was the first Secretary of the Treasury despite being orphaned in 1768, at roughly the age of 12.
  • Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have racked up an $11,000 wine bill during his 8 years of president. To put that in perspective, in modern day money, that comes out to over $210,000 in modern day finances.
  • John Jay was never a President but is considered a Founding Father even though he did not sign the Declaration of Independence. He was actually against the document at the time, but his contributions to the government and politics at the time earn him a spot on the Founding Fathers list.
  • James Madison was known for being the smallest U.S. President, weighing roughly 100lbs and coming in at only 5’4″ tall.
  • George Washington was the only Founding Father who did not go to college. He actually only went to school until he was 15.

This Presidents Day, go out and share some fun facts about our nation’s Founding Fathers! You never know what other fun facts you may learn about Presidents Day by talking to your friends and family. Happy Presidents Day from VitalChek to you!

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