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Popular Summer Wedding Trends for 2019

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that the details are what get you most. From finding the perfect caterer to picking your colors, the list of things you’ll need to consider goes on…and on…and on! Popular summer wedding trends don’t always mean the world to everyone, but knowing what is in style can definitely help inspire you to make your big day all your own. Sometimes planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so we definitely understand the need and desire to find hip new ideas to really make your big day something special. 

Popular Summer Wedding Trends – Make These Ideas Your Own!

We know that every little detail counts. That’s why we put together some great ideas to help inspire you and create a dream worthy wedding day that you’ll never forget. Check out these summer wedding trends to inspire your dreams and heart this summer wedding season. Here are five great ideas to put a twist on tradition while you celebrate with loved ones at your reception this summer.

  • Popping color – Bright colors and details that pop are becoming common place these days. Pick out a vibrant wedding dress with gorgeous ties for your groom’s party – brilliant centerpieces and decorations that yell loudly. You can sprinkle this colorful joy into your invitations, menus, and even mixed drinks and appetizers. Summer weddings are a great time to serve appetizers and dishes that are scattered with fresh fruits and veggies. 
wedding trends 2019
Make your wedding colors pop! Another wedding trend for 2019 is bright, vibrant and loud wedding colors.
  • Embrace the outdoors – Wildflowers, fields of green, rustic destinations and rolling hills. If you’re planning a wedding for this summer, you’re probably no stranger to the fact that traditional organized weddings are becoming a thing of the past. You don’t need to go overboard but this year’s popular wedding trends include finding intimate, outdoorsy, and quiet places to say “I do”. If you’re looking for minimalist decor, there’s nothing better than touching base with mother nature. 
  • Picnics for days – Let’s face it – when putting on one of the best parties of your lives, you and your significant other want your friends and family to mingle, laugh, love and celebrate. Summer weddings present the opportunity for outdoor seating, candles, picnic tables and buffet dining. Your guests will meet new people, share watermelon with friends and family around picnic tables, and by all means, enjoy the afternoon and evening with plenty of love and laughter.
summer wedding trends
Picnic table dining? Buffet style in the big outdoors? What says summer wedding trends more than getting in touch with the outdoors?
  • Fun food – It might sound crazy, but new and fun menu items are on the list of popular summer wedding trends. Wine smoothies, fresh fruit skewers, ceviche, caprese and finger foods that are easy and uncomplicated. You can also make your entrees easy with buffet style dining – imagine pairing your picnic style dining with fresh and light options. 
  • Attire – We already touched on vibrant colors for summer weddings, but new summer wedding trends are leaning towards attire that is a far reach from tradition. Light summer dresses, wedding dresses that flow, groomsmen wearing shorts…we just mean it’s definitely ok to think outside the box! Summer wedding attire can be fun – multi colored and vibrant should fit the ticket. 

If you’re looking for a twist on traditional wedding ideas, you can check out wedding destination ideas, or maybe even an international wedding might be up your alley. Either way, we hope planning your big day goes off without too much trouble. Let us know how it goes, and we’d love to see how gorgeous your big day turns out!

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