Most Popular Competitive Sports for Girls Under 10

In March 3, 2016

If you find yourself with a rambunctious and energy-driven daughter this spring, you might be keen to find something to occupy her time and ambitions! Keeping kids away from video games and the T.V. screen can be a trying endeavor. To get your daughter off the couch and out into the fresh air, you might consider looking into some youth team sports for girls to stimulate her mind and muscles. Some people assume that sports for girls are limited to softball, swimming, and volleyball. In this day and age however, the opportunity to participate in sports for athletic young girls is seemingly endless. From track and field to swimming, horseback riding, rugby, and soccer to name a few, fun sports for girls have become an easily accessible way to start developing the minds and athletic ability of today’s young girls. Below are a few competitive sports for girls under 10 that you may want to look into to help inspire their strength.

  • Basketball – This sport happens to be the most popular among young girls with almost half a million girls playing for organized and sponsored teams’ nationwide! The obvious need to work well with others makes this one of the many great sports for girls.
  • Softball – Per little league rules, once a girl hits nine years of age she’s eligible to enroll in Softball. Many girls start developing their skills earlier by playing Tee Ball.
  • Swimming – A great sport to get your girl, or girls, feeling comfortable with a team is swimming. If your child’s school doesn’t have a swim team or pool, check with local recreational centers. Often they not only have swim teams, but they generally also have other competitive youth sports for girls.
  • Horseback Riding – This can be an amazing confidence booster for young girls! Empowering them to help care for, groom, take care of and enjoy riding a horse will make her feel ten feet tall. It also teaches them great responsibility and helps develop great skill sets for the future.
  • Golf – While golf isn’t a fast paced group sport, it can help teach young girls about being patient. Dedication, hard work and focus are just a few of the skills she’ll develop if she finds herself passionate about this sport.
  • Soccer – Also among the top sports for girls is soccer. A fairly easy sport to learn with easy rules, learning this particular pastime can be exciting. It offers the opportunity to work together with a team and gives them a chance to exert their energy and advance their skills as they grow.

Keeping young girls stimulated and helping their minds and bodies grow in a healthy way can be a challenge sometimes. To nudge them in the right direction, a well-balanced routine that includes exercise, play and good social opportunities are imperative to a great childhood. Check out your local rec centers, schools and other community groups or organizations to find out if they offer team sports for young girls. When you look into which sports to include your daughters in, make sure you’re well prepared to start them off on the absolute best foot. Having fun is one of the many keys to success!


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