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How to Make a Passport Correction

In February 28, 2018

Have you ever filled out important paperwork only to realize once it is completed that you’ve incorrectly marked one of the boxes or spelled something wrong? It can be so frustrating! Imagine doing this on your passport paperwork and not catching it until you receive your new passport with an error. Whether it is a spelling mistake on your passport or another passport error like a misprint, it is prudent to get it fixed quickly. Luckily, the U.S. Department of State has steps for you to take to make a passport correction at no charge to you, the passport holder.


In order to make a passport correction you will need to fill out a DS-5504 form which must be  mailed in with your passport containing the error. You will also need to include a color passport photograph, proof of the passport error, and a written statement explaining the error. All of these items must be sent in the same package or envelope to the proper address on the DS-5504 form. Supporting proof of the passport error will vary by the error type, typically a birth certificate will be enough to support your claim for any spelling errors or incorrect personal information. Other documents such as a marriage certificate or divorce certificate may also be accepted as proof of the passport error. Waiting times will vary but you will not be charged to complete a passport correction unless you choose the expedited service.


If you are a first time passport holder or have just renewed your 4th passport, you should always review your passport as soon as you receive it. You should check your personal information to ensure it is all correct. Next you should make sure that you have the required pages in your passport such as the biographical page and either 28-pages or 52-pages depending on which passport book length you chose. Lastly, you should be sure that all of the text is printed in a clearly readable fashion with no crooked text.


Giving your new passport a quick look over will let you quickly identify any potential issues before you run into problems during upcoming travel. You can visit to obtain various documents to submit with your passport correction form.  You can easily place an order for a government certified birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate to support your passport claim.

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