Can you get a passport at the library

Library Passport Services

Are you preparing for a big business venture somewhere halfway around the world? What if you’re more interested in obtaining one of the U.S.’s most secure forms of federal ID? If you’d like to count yourself among the several million American’s that obtain their passport each year but aren’t sure where to start the application process, you’ve come to the right place! While most people think of their local branch of the U.S. Post Office for all of their passport needs, your local library may also be a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Can You Get a Passport at the Library?

Due to high demand, the federal government is beginning to make more locations available to help handle the number of passport applications being processed. Library passport services can be found at a few select locations throughout the U.S. and due to their success, it is likely that getting your passport at your local library will soon be an option closer to home.

Library passport services

In addition to the Post Office and other government agency offices, some library branches now offer passport application services.


Passport Acceptance Facilities are found in a variety of government offices, from courthouses, public university campuses, US Post Offices, government administration offices and now, libraries! The job of a Passport Acceptance Facility is to gather all the necessary application paperwork and submit it to the Passport Processing Center. They can address any questions you may have, assist with getting your passport photos and walk you through the application if needed. They can also assist you with renewals, lost or stolen passports, and even brand new passport applications.

Library passport services are being introduced nationwide to help ease the load on typical and more recognized passport acceptance facilities. They will provide the same services as the government offices that already provide passport services and will have passport acceptance agents on staff who are authorized by the federal government to handle your application in the beginning stages. Due to  their seven-day-a-week hours, submitting your passport application at your local library may be the best and most convenient option for you if these services become available near you.

To help you get organized to file your passport application, make sure you’ve read up on the requirements and other travel documents you might need for international travel. When getting ready to head in to submit your application, be sure to obtain certified copies of your birth certificate to send in along with your application. If you’re planning a vacation anytime in the near future, it’s a good idea to get your application in as soon as possible. Once your passport application is submitted, expect the processing to take approximately 4-6 weeks  and you’ll be on your way!

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