How to volunteer abroad

How to Volunteer Abroad

In November 21, 2017

When it comes to international travel, it’s sometimes difficult to justify a long trip away from home. Whether the cost of travel is what’s holding you back, or being unsure on where to go or what exactly to do on your trip, extended ventures outside of the U.S. can be hard to coordinate. If you’re itching to see the world and also interested in helping out different communities or great causes, you may want to consider volunteering abroad to mark some destinations off your bucket list. Becoming an international volunteer isn’t as difficult as you might think. Some of the best volunteer abroad programs offer travel packages, lodging and transportation while giving you the opportunity to take in the local culture and sights at certain destinations all over the world. We’ve got some tips and first steps on how to volunteer abroad to get you started on your vacation packed with good deeds!


international volunteer opportunities

Volunteer projects abroad can fulfil more than one goal; helping those in need and seeing the world!


How to Volunteer Abroad

There are opportunities to make great changes in communities all around the globe. Opportunities to educate, assist with agricultural endeavors, develop environmental efforts and even assist with economic stability are available to willing and eager volunteers. To start on your research, you’ll want to find an organization that offers opportunities you’re interested in. It’s a good idea to find a program that needs a skill set or passion that you can provide. If you’re a carpenter, perhaps a program building homes abroad would be the best use of your knowledge. There are plenty of well-known and reputable volunteer organizations out there to choose from. Most organizations like the Red Cross or the Peace Corps have volunteer listings available on their websites. You’ll be able to find destinations to volunteer at like Nicaragua, Ukraine, Indonesia, Peru and countless others. Be sure to research the organization you’ll be volunteering for; what is their motivation, who are they affiliated with, what kind of resources are available to them and what sort of volunteer efforts have they been involved in. This will also help determine your travel destination, desired duration and what sort of project you might be interested in.


Once you’ve found an organization for international volunteer work that you feel is compatible with your passion and ability, check out their application. Most organizations have an online application process that asks for background information and abilities. They want to ensure you’re a good fit for a location or humanitarian effort. While each organization’s application process is different, they are all trying to achieve the same goal: obtain quality volunteers who can maximize progress in whichever area they choose. Once you’ve completed your application process, it’s time to kick back and plan. Application times vary, but you should have an idea fairly quickly on whether you’ve been accepted into the program you’ve applied for.

Packing for International Volunteering Projects

Once you’ve been accepted by an international volunteering organization, they’ll have a variety of materials for you to use to help you prepare for your trip. You’ll want to look into health and vaccine regulations for your destination, as well climate and weather patterns during the time of year you’ll be traveling.


what to pack for your international volunteering trip

Preparing for your international volunteering trip? Click on the link below for tips on how to plan for your trip.


Click Here for Packing List Ideas for Your International Volunteering Trip!


If you haven’t already obtained your passport, be sure to get a jump on that. Processing times may vary and it’s always good to leave yourself plenty of wiggle room. Start by obtaining additional certified copies of your birth certificate for passport processing and for copies to have accessible once you’re abroad. You’ll want to look into whether you’ll need a travel visa to visit your destination as well.

Now that you’ve got a destination and project planned, next on your “How to volunteer internationally” checklist is…to wait! International volunteer opportunities are a great way to spend some vacation time, take in new cultural experiences, and do a whole lot of good for a whole lot of people!

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