Helpful Checklist Before Going On A Business Trip

If you don’t go on business trips very often, you may be struggling with how to pack for your trip. Perhaps you have meetings all day, a formal event, and maybe a round of golf with business associates. Packing for this can seem like a nightmare, especially when chances are you will be using a small carryon bag to avoid baggage claim. Creating a business trip checklist can help you get organized and be prepared your trip with ease. Focus on bringing the things you absolutely need and remember, anything else can always be purchased if there is a big change of plans. Here are some packing tips for your next business trip.

  • Suits: The number of suits you need will vary on the length of your trip but chances are you can get away with bringing less suits than days of meetings. Bring at least two suits and two different colored dress shirts that can match either color. Just by combining colors of shirts to suits, you already have four different outfits. Having trouble with the idea of packing a suit in a carryon? You can watch a tutorial on how to fold a suit here and will find it isn’t as hard as you may think.
  • Shoes: Bring a pair of dress shoes and a pair of casual, but clean and presentable shoes. Both shoes should match either business, formal, or casual attire. The bulkier pair of shoes should be worn to the airport and the remaining smaller pair can be packed at the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Undergarments: Pack a pair of socks, underwear, and or undershirts for each day of your trip, plus two extra. This guarantees you’ll have enough to stay fresh and feeling your best. Roll these items and pack them rolled to save space
  • Casual Clothes: By bringing one pair of pants and two shirts, you can have three outfits ready. You can also pair a button down from your suit with a nice pair of jeans or khakis for a business casual look that will work for after work drinks, dinners, or just relaxing. Also roll the jeans and shirts when packing to save even more space.
  • Toiletries: First, check with your hotel to see if they provide a hair dryer, shampoo, or conditioner. If they do, you just saved yourself even more space in your bag. Remember all liquids and gels must be 3oz or less and in plastic baggies.
  • Office Supplies: Pack your business cards, two pens, one pencil, and a note pad. This will ensure you are prepared during your meetings, but still allows you to pack light.
  • Electronics: Pack your phone and laptop with their chargers neatly wrapped. Consider bringing a tablet instead of your laptop if possible – as this can also help save space.

Now that you have a better idea of what things to bring on a business trip, consider yourself ready to impress your coworkers and clients. Don’t let the stress of travel bog you down on your next business trip. If you are traveling internationally, make sure you have all of required documentation for your trip. If you need help obtaining any of your vital records, go to to order online!

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