Getting ready for preschool and kindergarten

Getting Ready for Preschool and Kindergarten

The time is finally here; your little one is ready for preschool or kindergarten. Time has whizzed by while you’ve watched your baby grow, and now – cue tears! – your little one is ready for scholarly pursuits (involving finger paint and counting, but hey, it’s still school!) Preparing your child for their early learning programs will help keep you organized and ready for the school year to start.

Getting Ready for Preschool and Kindergarten – Helpful Early Learning Skills

Getting ready for preschool and kindergarten isn’t just about registration and paperwork. Preparing for kindergarten and other early learning education programs should include exposing children to learning material and topics they will most likely encounter in their programs. Some great activities you can do at home to help your youngster prepare for the upcoming school year are here:

  • Start counting numbers
  • Learn the basic colors
  • Help them learn their ABCs
  • Use art supplies like scissors, crayons and glue
  • Encourage them to dress themselves
  • Give them distinct directions to follow
  • Have them classify objects by shape and size
  • Teach them their name, address and phone number
  • Give them plenty of opportunities to socialize with other children their age
preparing for preschool and kindergarten with early learning

Preparing for preschool and kindergarten starts before it’s even time to enroll in a program. Early learning skills are important for social development and successful education!


Preschool and Kindergarten Registration – Where to Enroll and How

Making sure your preschooler or kindergartener is socially prepared for the first steps in their education is an important part to helping them become successful learners. Once you’re confident your child is socially prepared to attend a program, the next step in getting ready for kindergarten or preschool is the registration process. Determining where you’d like your child to attend school is dictated by your local school board requirements. Some cities allow parents to enroll students in any program citywide, regardless of whether the family lives in the school district or not. Some early learning programs require families to reside in the district, while others allow parents to apply for enrollment but opportunities are for district residents on a first-come, first-served basis, with district students taking precedence. Contact your local school district to inquire about enrollment options for your child.

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Once you’ve decided on the right school and program for your child, gather the documents you’ll need to enroll in their preschool or kindergarten program.


Once you’ve decided on the kindergarten or preschool program where you’d like to enroll your child, check with the school to learn what their tuition, fee and program requirements are. Each program varies from district to district and state to state, but most parents should assume there will be placement questionnaires, as well as family, employment and education history. Some programs are publicly funded while some are free of charge, and others are supplemented using grants from the state given to families who require financial assistance. In order to learn about which option is best for your family, get in touch with your local school district to learn more.


After you’ve picked a school and know the requirements to enroll your child in their program, you’ll have to start the paperwork end of the registration process. Documents you will most likely need to enroll your child in most preschool or kindergarten programs are:

  • Current immunization records
  • Proof of parent’s income
  • Certified copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Student’s social security card
  • Proof of district residency (or proof of residency based on your chosen school’s requirements)
  • Proof of adoption or foster care (if applicable)
  • Proof of parent’s military or other service (if applicable)
  • Parent’s proof of ID


With the new school year just around the corner, getting your documents and registration paperwork in order well in advance could save you a headache later. Once you have your child enrolled in their first years of school, you can enjoy participating as your young ones learn and grow!

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