Getting More Out of Your Vacation With Experiential Travel

The personality of a wanderlust is timeless. In every generation, regardless of unique quirks and tendencies, lies a restless group eager to explore every inch of our glorious planet. Whether it’s experiencing the exotic and diverse wildlife of the rainforests in Southeast Asia or sharing a meal with a native family and fully immersing yourself in a foreign cultural experience, this passionate group is insatiable when it comes to travel experiences.

In recent years, the demand for a truly immersive travel experience has grown, with travel aficionados expecting much more than a luxurious hotel, breathtaking views, and an opulent cuisine. Experiential travel, also known as transformative travel, is the new mindset of the modern jetsetter. Hungry to experience a lifestyle radically different than their own, this type of traveler desires an eye-opening encounter that will propel them along on their journey to become the most worldly version of themselves.

Experiential travel is for the traveler looking for more than a tourist attraction

Those interested in experiential travel are tired of being the typical tourist, and are looking for a deeper connection with the place they’re visiting.

Who would blame anyone for seeking a deeper way to connect with the world and those around us, especially as technology and screen time become more interwoven into our daily lives. If experiential travel excites you, we’re delighted to share some ideas to help you plan your next adventure.

Authenticity is key to transformative travel, as it’s what separates a manufactured tourist experience from an enlightening and fulfilling one. How often do you sit back and think about what went into making some of the products you use in your home every day? If you’ve ever spoken with an individual who passionately goes out of their way to support small and local businesses vs. big box retailers, an experiential travel experience may have played a part.

Enter Thread Caravan, which hosts artisan adventures around the globe with a mission to connect travelers more closely with the people and the creative, creation process behind common items found around your home. Their mission statement is firmly rooted in education, by expanding a guest’s world view, and sustainability, by reducing disposable buying patterns and conserving the Earth’s finite resources. Planned destinations can be found on their website, where you can peruse both the location of the trip as well as the craft you would be exploring while traveling.

If an intimate personal journey that reaches straight down into the deepest depths of your soul is what you’re after, consider planning a meditation or wellness retreat. For those of us that work behind a desk and computer for long stretches of time, and are always digitally connected, this type of retreat practically defines the term transformational. Pairing an opposite experience to that which you are subject to daily is one of the best ways to become more aware of your mental health and wellbeing. There are countless resorts right here in the US that offer wellness programs with a breadth of activities, from scheduled “silent time” to meditative meals and hikes meant to relax your racing mind and get you into an introspective state. Condé Nast’s article introduces some of these experiences, which can guide you in deciding on the best program for your needs.

If you’re yawning at some of the suggestions above, never fear. We wouldn’t dare to exclude the wanderlust with an affinity for an adrenaline rush. With experiential travel, there truly is something for everyone, and the unbridled adventure seeker is no exception. Does the thought of being left with a group of like-minded individuals in the middle of the desert get your heart racing? With only basic survival kits and the bare minimum for food and water, this style adventure is a bit different than the wellness trips mentioned above. Tom Marchant, co-founder of a luxury tour company called Black Tomato, stated “distraction is the new relaxation”. Experiencing a need to only focus on what’s in front of you and on your very survival can be enlightening. You can explore the possibilities of a “Get Lost” tour here.

Transformative travel is all about the experience

Do you think you can handle a transformative travel experience that involves being left in the desert with only the bare essentials?

We congratulate you on your efforts to craft a personal and unique travel experience. Sustainable travel and supporting communities around the world, as well as experiences meant to promote growth as an individual are both admirable. Now that you’ve booked your next adventure, don’t forget to double check that you have everything you’ll need before your flight. VitalChek can help you get government-issued birth certificates without even leaving your home!

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