What to do on gap year

Gap Year Ideas for Students Interested in Travel

So what exactly is a gap year, and how do you go about taking one? To put it simply, a gap year is typically a period taken by a student as a break between secondary school and their chosen higher education term. This period is used to give students access to experiences and developmental opportunities before jumping back into their academic careers. Some students have intricate and well planned adventures scheduled for their gap years, while some may not even know what a gap year is. We have a nice roundup of gap year travel ideas; where to go, programs to enroll in, and some interesting international gap year ideas for students interested in travel abroad.

Where to go for gap year travel

Your gap year travel plans could include the perfect volunteer program in Barcelona, Spain!


What to do on a Gap Year if You Want to Travel –

Some students take this extended term before starting up college or university to go on one last adventure before buckling down academically. Some gap year programs focus on internships to help further develop skills and knowledge in industry settings related to their career goals. Volunteering opportunities for gap years are abundant; both local and international volunteer groups provide students with a chance to help out in communities around the globe. Regardless of how you want to spend your time, gap year travel programs give students the chance to see the world, whether they choose to simply travel, explore and see the sights or have more professional goals in mind.


Gap Year Travel – Where to Go and What are Your Goals?

Many individuals prefer to take their gap years off as a time of relaxation and vacation time; that’s totally ok! If you’re like many, however, the answers to where to go and what to do on a gap year include programs that ask students to step up and contribute in professional settings. Some great overseas gap year travel programs include work programs like becoming an instructor at a ski resort in Canada – enjoy the mountains and climate while learning some great new people skills! Backpacking through Africa grants students the chance to experience some unique social situations while immersing students in rich cultures. Your gap year travel plans may be a bit more ambitious –  what about Antarctica? There are programs that take students to Antarctica for a season of exploration, science, unimaginable landscape and wildlife! Overall, with today’s technology and transportation options, turning your gap year into a combination of international travel with new career experience isn’t difficult to do. There are countless programs around the world to take students where they want to go, while giving them access to people and skill development regardless the destination.

Gap Year Travel Program Ideas

Backpack through Africa, take the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia or find the perfect gap year internship in Europe. Get great work experience while enjoying some international travel.


Gap Year International Travel – What Documents You’ll Need to Travel

If your destination is all picked out, all that’s left is packing. You’ll want to ensure that you have the proper travel documents on hand. Depending on destination, your travel may require student or other travel visas to gain entry to certain countries. Be sure to read up on what type of visa your stay will require as there are work and volunteer restrictions associated with some travel documents. Make sure your passport is not due to expire until well after your return. If you don’t yet have your passport, it’s best to start your application process as soon as possible. If you’re not quite sure where to start in this process, you can start by obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate.  Making copies of your travel and identification documents is advised; carry several copies with you in your bags and leave an organized set of copies at home with someone you trust. Check into travel insurance and find options that fit your circumstances and make sure to bring the appropriate health insurance information. If you’re able, obtaining an international driver’s license can prove to be handy when you get settled in to your destination. Remember also to bring your student ID. A surprising number of international locations accept student IDs for discounts and other opportunities.


After all is said and done, gap year travel programs bring a wide array of professional and social experiences to the table. Student travelers will have the absolute time of their lives while advancing their know-how in unimaginable situations. At the end of the day, just be sure to enjoy your gap year for what it is; a chance to have some fun before getting back to the real world!

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