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Game of Thrones Themed Travel

We’re all about switching up your traditional vacation and throwing in a splash of variety. While we think adventure travel and bucket list ideas are great, we’re also pretty big fans of themed vacations. Did you know you can even book a vacation on a cruise themed after some of your favorite shows and entertainment? With all of these themed vacations in mind (Harry Potter, anyone?) and the latest season of Game of Thrones about to kick off, we wanted to show the GoT fans a little vacation love! We found some pretty awesome Game of Thrones themed destinations and vacation ideas for you below.

Game of thrones themed travel – Winter is already here!

First on your list should be Lapland Hotels Winter SnowVillage in Finland, themed specifically for Game of Thrones fans. Crafted out of snow and ice, this magical place is a real treat. While it’s been around a bit longer than the show, the last two winters have been themed specifically around scenes and places in the hit HBO series. They even host weddings, though they probably book up quickly. The hotel has an iron throne, a lifelike dragon and other pretty awesome things that will tickle your GoT fancy.

If you can’t manage to score a room at the SnowVillage, you’ve got plenty more opportunities to get your Westeros fix. Game of Thrones Tours LTD is a tour company based out of Northern Ireland, where much of the show is filmed, that can take you on remote tours of some of the filming locations. This is a great way to experience sustainable tourism and really enjoy your vacation. Nothing like small groups and tucked away sites to make you feel like you’re right there with Jon Snow!

Traveling to see Game of Thrones locations is not an impossibility. Add Dubrovnik, Croatia to your list of GoT destinations to see some key scenery from season 5. Plus…the walled city is very King’s Landing-esque!. If you can fit Spain into your itinerary, The Alcazar in Seville will be a well-recognized location to fans since it was turned into the gorgeous Water Gardens of Dorne in the 4th and 5th seasons. It’s a popular tourist destination even without the Game of Thrones notoriety, so plan ahead.

Dubrovnik Croatia Game of Thrones
Dubrovnik, Croatia might be recognized for its amazing brickwork and massive walls against the water.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, perhaps Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland is more your speed. Located on the shores of Loch Larne, this real life tiny town is inhabited by only 75 residents. It was transformed into Hardhome, a fishing village, and was also used in some scenes for Castle Black and the Battle of Blackwater. If you’re looking for real life castles, Doune Castle in Scotland is a great place to check out. Fans might recognize it as the spot where poor Bran “fell” out the castle window. Built in the 13th century, the castle offers a nice nature walk through its grounds. 

Another gorgeous and awe-inspiring location from the show can be found in Essaouira, Morocco. You may recognize it as Astapor, the slave trading city where Daenerys set the Unsullied free. Ouarzazate is another Moroccan location for several big films. Babel and Kingdom of Heaven join Game of Thrones on the list of productions filmed here. 

game of thrones themed travel
Another beautiful spot on the sea, Essaouira, Morocco was used for the slave trading city Astapor in Game of Thrones. You won’t be sorry if this is the only stop you make on your Game of Thrones themed trip!

There are many other breathtaking and amazing locations to travel to if you happen to enjoy Game of Thrones. It may sound nerdy, it may not be your cup of tea, but Game of Thrones themed travel could be the perfect vacation if you’re looking to mix up your destination options. And even better, if you’ve got a GoT mega fan traveling with you, pick up a travel gift for the GoT fan to make the experience the best it can be. Just remember, while you don’t need passports and travel visas in Westeros, you’re going to at least need a passport to get to most of these locations in real life! Planning out the perfect GoT vacation can take time, so check one item off your list by making sure you’ve got a certified copy of your birth certificate. We hope you have fun on your race to the throne!

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