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First Day of School – What to Expect

In August 22, 2017

Summer has flown by and while it isn’t quite time to stop the summer fun, it is time to start thinking about your child’s first day at school. Depending on what age they are, they might be a pro at getting themselves ready for their first day of high school. However, if you have a younger child or your older child is attending a new school, it may make both of you feel more comfortable to have a plan for the first day at school. Here are some tips you can use to make sure that going back to school and the first day go smoothly.


Review the list of items required for classes or to comply with school policy. Most schools will have a list on their website or will send you a letter informing you of anything your child may need outside of the regular pencils, pens, and notebooks. For older children who are getting ready for their first day of high school, extras may include novels or additional learning software the teacher would like students to have for the class. For younger children in public school there shouldn’t be too many extra things to worry about. However, if your child will be attending a private school, you’ll want to be sure that they have the proper outfits/uniforms ready to go for their first day at school no matter their age.


Discuss the new before and after school routine. This discussion should take place between you and your children, but also with any child care providers that look after your children. These conversations will ensure that everyone knows what time to be up for school, when to be at the bus stop, when there may be any pick ups or drop offs midday, when the bus drops your child off after school and where, and what your child will be doing after school if you are a working parent. If you have a caretaker, be sure you also discuss any possibilities of extended hours if work requires you to stay late from time to time. Young children should always know their school routine and should always be reminded to never accept any unplanned car rides, even if they know the person.


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The first day of school can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. Make sure your kids are well rested, well organized and ready to face their first day of learning.


Ask to meet the teacher(s). Meeting teachers prior to the start of the school year can be beneficial, especially for younger or shy children. Establishing a connection outside of the busy and often overwhelming first day at school can help a child ease into a new year much easier than had they not met their teacher prior to the start of school. Many schools will offer such meetings, but if you’re unsure if such opportunities are available, simply visit the school website for more information or contact the administration.


Start implementing a bedtime schedule. Children, no matter what age, are shown to do better in school when they are well rested. After a summer of fun and late nights, it can be hard to immediately fall back into an earlier bedtime schedule. By implementing a new bedtime schedule a few weeks prior to the first day of school, children can ease back into their former routine. You can help make this fun by offering to read to them, tell stories or do a fun, but relaxing activity before bed.  


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A good night’s rest is a great start to healthy learning. Implementing a school year bed time should help them wake up refreshed and ready to learn.


Plan everything out the night before the first day at school. You’ve worked on establishing a routine and everyone knows what they should do, but now it’s time to make sure everything is ready to go. Packing lunches, laying out outfits and packing backpacks the night before will help everything go according to plan in the morning for both you and your children. This will also help ensure you’ll be on time for the bus pickup.


Talk about how to make their first day special. This conversation will help little ones feel more excited about their first day at school. Fun first day of school activities such as a special photo shoot or a special activity or dinner when they get home can help manage any first day jitters. Plus…fun activities on the first day of school will help you both create long lasting memories together!


The first day of school can be fun and exciting if you’ve planned for it. The next part of the new school year to think about is sport sign-ups and school field trips! Make sure your child has the right documents they’ll need to sign up for any extracurriculars or to attend field trips this school year. You can easily order a copy of their birth certificate with VitalChek so you’ll be ready to have a great school year!


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