Essential Documents Students Need When Traveling Abroad For the Holidays

students abroadThe holidays are the one time of the year when everyone wants to come home and spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Students who have been traveling abroad will likely book flights home and make plans to enjoy the holidays with family. However, no matter the time of year, airport security personnel and customs officials are not likely to be lenient when it comes to having the proper paperwork to enter the country. While it is important to talk to an expert about what documents are necessary, here are a few things traveling students will want to make sure they bring with them for the flight, train ride or even boat trip.

  • Passport – Your Passport is the key to traveling outside your home country, providing proof of your identity and your citizenship. A passport requires that you fill out a very detailed form and you will likely be “checked” during this process. That means a passport offers higher security than many other types of documents.
  • Visa – When traveling abroad for longer than a simple vacation, you will most likely need a visa. Students who are living abroad for a semester or longer will typically need a visa. When you are coming home for a visit and heading back, there is a strong possibility you will need to present your visa so that both the United States and other countries realize that you are traveling for legitimate means.
  • Proof of Age – A proof of age card is different than a standard identification card, and may be used by  most countries as a means of showing your age. You will likely have to present your US Driver’s License (or State-issued ID Card), birth certificate and other documents to get this in the first place.
  • Proof of Vaccinations – A vaccination record is another key document to getting in and out of the United States. It is important that you have gotten the correct vaccinations so that you do not pose a medical risk to yourself or to others. Talk to your doctor and make sure you have the correct vaccinations and that you have an approved record of this information as well.

These documents are very important for travelers and students abroad. Even though you may need to bring them with you on the journey, it is important that they are kept safe so you do not risk losing them. Find a safe way to keep and transport these documents and pack carefully—the holidays come but once a year!


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