Different Types of ID and What They’re Used For – Infographic

With the roll out of Real ID, Americans are changing the way they travel and what forms of ID they choose to carry. It’s important for travelers to understand what different types of ID are available to them, and what their purposes are. A regular driver’s license will no longer be an acceptable form of ID for domestic flights.

Knowing the ins and outs of which ID to have on hand can be tricky. Do you need a Real ID to fly? Is a passport better? Check out our infographic below to help you learn about the different types of ID and which form is best for you.

different types of ID
There are many different types of ID available to Americans. Learn the different types and what they’re used for.

Having the knowledge of which form of ID to carry can help cut down on stress, and will help you better plan for any trips or vacations you may be planning. Know that along with the implementation of Real ID, you are not required to immediately transition to a Real ID immediately. Need a certified copy of your birth certificate to get started on the application process for a new form of ID? Check out VitalChek.com for help.


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