best summer vacation destinations

Best Summer Vacation Destinations

Some folks consider the best time for a vacation to be during the cold winter months when there’s nothing as relaxing as basking in the sun and experiencing the world from a warm destination while the blizzards rage on at home. But for many, the idea of summer brings memories of camping trips, family reunions at the lake, hiking and other fun summertime adventures. If you have a family, summer is often one of the more flexible times to break away from the school, sports, work, and the usual family routine and set out on the perfect vacation. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve put together eight of the best summer vacation destinations for you below. 

Best Summer Vacation Destinations

  • Machu Picchu, Peru – Summer at popular tourist destinations is going to be pretty busy, but when it comes to visiting Peru, it’s the very best time to go. Machu Picchu  issituated relatively close to the equator and despite it being winter in the Southern Hemisphere while it’s summer up here, June may very well be the best time of year to visit.. The scenery will be thriving, green and in full bloom, the temperatures will be perfect for hiking and you’ll want to do as much exploring as you can. 
machu picchu summer vacation
Consider Machu Picchu in Peru when planning your summer vacation destination.
  • The Bahamas – Whether you’ve already been or you’re just dreaming of going, we can’t leave the Bahamas off our list of the best summer vacation destinations. Be wary of hurricane season, but June tends to be  offer less crowds, better prices and more moderate temperatures. You can certainly travel there by air, but if you want to cross a cruise vacation off your bucket list, many cruises make stops at islands throughout the Bahamas.
what kind of cruise to take
Hit the Bahamas for one of the best summer vacation destinations. Don’t know which cruise is right for you? Our infographic might be able to help!
  • Napa Valley, California – Not all summer vacations require crossing a large body of water. If you’d like to stick a little closer to home, consider Napa Valley for some wine tasting. If you make it in July, Festival Napa Valley will expose you to the very best in wine tasting. The landscapes are pretty nice to look at too!
  • U.S. National Parks – Who says the best summer vacations have to take you to exotic or far away places. Sometimes, packing up the car and going for a road trip brings the best memories. A great road trip agenda that’ll show you all breathtaking landscapes of the U.S. is one that includes visiting multiple National Parks
Glacier national park summer vacation
Summer vacations should absolutely include road trips! Glacier National Park in Montana is one of the most breathtaking must sees on your summer vacation road trip.
  • Dolce Vita, Italy – If gorgeous beaches, the history of old European nations, Venice with all of its classic art, wine, fine dining and an overload of amazing culture doesn’t tickle your fancy, we don’t know what will. Check out Dolce Vita, Italy for a summer vacation of a lifetime. You can Airbnb it or you can book lodging in a plethora of perfect accommodations and really dive into what Italy has to offer. 
  • NYC, New York – Not everyone has the time or budget to fit in a big grand adventure. That’s why sometimes the most rewarding summer vacations can happen right in our own backyard. If you haven’t made it to New York City, this summer might be the time. There’s so much U.S. history and so many amazing things to experience. From Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, China Town, museums galore, Central Park and SO much more, there’s something for everyone.  You certainly won’t run out of things to do. 
New York City in summer has the potential to be more convenient, cost effective, but with the same great memories and site seeing as anywhere else in the world!
New York City in summer has the potential to be more convenient, cost effective, but with the same great memories and site seeing as anywhere else in the world!
  • Mackinac Island, Michigan – Abandon traditional vacations and travel back in time for this iconic summer vacation destination. Mackinac Island is world renowned for saying goodbye to motorized vehicles and running the entire island off of literal horsepower! Garbage services? Horse power. Public transportation? Carriage. It’s refreshing, and it brings us to a simpler time – head there to enjoy it!
  • Amsterdam, Holland – You really shouldn’t be surprised that Amsterdam has made our list. In the summer, the gloomy weather of spring and fall is forgotten – gardens, museums and galleries, tulips, clogs – it’s literally the whole package. You can get the whole experience with minimal travel time. We think it is a well-earned spot on our list of best summer vacation destinations.
best summer vacation destinations - Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam, Holland absolutely belongs on our list of best summer vacation destinations. Gorgeous colors, rich culture and history. Get lost in this city and you won’t regret it!

If you’ve waited until the kids are out of school and the weather warms up to plan your perfect summer vacation, that’s totally understandable. If you’re a planner and you’re getting your ducks in a row now, that’s even better. If an international destination is on your agenda, make sure you’ve explored travel documents and vaccine requirements well in advance of your trip. With the implementation of Real ID regulations, you’ll also want to be in the know about whether your ID will allow you travel on domestic flights – if you don’t have your Real ID, you may need to obtain a passport for domestic travel. Need a passport? Start with a certified copy of your birth certificate. Planning is the hardest part – destinations, museums, natural wonders, culture,dining. But once you’ve hashed out all the details, sit back, relax and eagerly anticipate all the fun you’re about to have!  We can’t wiat to hear about it!

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