Best Spring Break Vacation Spots 2016

In February 29, 2016

Spring break 2016 dates will vary depending on your school and location however, many spring break weeks will be taking place the first and second week of March 2016. Whether you are a family, college student, or single adult looking for a great spring break vacation this year, we have a few tips on the best vacation spots that are a must-see.

  • Austin, Texas – Have you ever heard of South by Southwest? If so you know all about the festival that brings music, film, and all kinds of other interactive media together for a week in Austin, Texas. The festival is going on between the dates of March 11-20, 2016. If you love new films, new music, and food trucks, you will love this festival and Austin. Plan on having fun while also meeting people of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds all while in a welcoming environment.
  • Panama Beach City, Florida – Want the beach and warm weather for your spring break vacation spot? Panama Beach City, Florida is the #1 destination in the US for young spring break goers. This destination includes pool and beach parties, some of the best nightlife, and plenty of budget friendly lodging options. The crowd tends to be a bit younger and rowdy.
  • Cancun, Mexico – If you want the typical spring break vacation, the destination for you is Cancun. Beautiful beaches, parties by day and night, and plenty of excitement! This trip can be a bit more costly depending on how far you will have to travel to arrive in Cancun. However, once there vacationers can find plenty of inexpensive resorts and lodging options. Similar to the crowd in Panama Beach City, the crowd tends to be younger and rowdier. Due to being out of the United States, you will also be required to have a passport.
  • Nassau, Bahamas – Another great beach vacation option is Nassau, also known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather. You can find plenty of flights that offer direct trips to Nassau and the airport is close to resorts once you arrive. Many resorts offer parties, nightlife, and other special events during spring break. You will be required to travel with a passport to enjoy this beach party destination.
  • Tampa, Florida – Want to take the family on a warm spring break vacation but want to avoid the parties? Tampa is perfect for this kind of spring break vacation. There are beaches you can visit, amusement parks, and more to keep the family happy. You can find something for everyone in the family in Tampa.

Check out these destination when you are planning your spring break vacation this year. For any trips that require a passport, be sure you are prepared and have yours handy! For any assistance getting any necessary vital records, contact VitalChek. Enjoy your spring break!


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