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Best Solo Travel Destinations for 2019 | Part 1

In January 16, 2019

The thought of solo traveling has the potential to excite and invigorate, or absolutely terrify you, depending on how much you enjoy your own company! If you’re not the type to jump at the chance of literally flying solo, just think of the perks: the saved time while only waiting for your own luggage, guiltlessly people watching while hanging out at the airport bar before your flight, infinitely more opportunities to interact with local people you might not have with a group, and the list goes on.

Think of solo travel as a growth experience, where you’ll spend time soul searching and getting to know yourself better. If you happen to have an excellent sense of humor, you might decide to invent an entirely new persona and run with it for the entirety of your trip. Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

When considering which solo travel destinations to add to the shortlist, it can be hard to choose when you have such a thirst for adventure. So many destinations, and so little time! What comes to mind when you picture your own personal nirvana? Perhaps the cool, mountain air as you’re enjoying a peaceful, but challenging hike, or maybe a busy city full of foodie adventures to try and opportunities to interact with the locals and other tourists? Here are some of our favorite ideas for solo travel spots to get you started:

Solo Travel Destinations | Canada

For the hikers and outdoorsmen looking to book a solo trip, Canada is home to some of the most scenic hiking trails around, perfect for planning a solitary all day hike. Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail is a 47 mile long trek over time-worn paths originally constructed in 1907, and boasts some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery you can find. Looking to stay hidden in the gorgeous mountains instead? Try Whistler Blackcomb’s hiking trail network which has something for any skill level – from the easy-going green walks to the advanced routes fit for hikers looking for a challenge.

With Canada’s diversity, you are free to choose from the rugged wilderness or a busy city full of things to do. Montreal, Quebec is a great choice, and even better if you happen to know a little bit of French. Explore the absolutely gorgeous Notre-Dame Basilica, a gothic revival church built in the 1820s, in Old Montreal or head to one of the many museums, bars, or restaurants in Centre-ville, the main part of the city.

If you happen to be staying near Banff to enjoy some of the most breathtaking mountain views in the world, Calgary, Alberta is definitely worth a visit. There’s a little taste of everything here. History buffs can enjoy exploring Fort Calgary, a historic site and museum, or Heritage Park Historical Village. Animal lovers will enjoy the Calgary Zoo, Spruce Meadows, or if you’re visiting in July, the Calgary Stampede. For the foodies in town, Calgary won’t disappoint. You can find cute little coffee shops, charming bakeries, and a plethora of restaurants, from the classic French inspired to a more modern fusion style.

Solo Travel Destinations | New Zealand

If your appetite for adventure is rivaled by your love of culture and spending time in a bustling town rich with history and fun things to do, consider booking a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand. Start your trip with a thrilling adrenaline rush with bungy jumping, whitewater rafting, canyon swinging, and more. You can find companies who specialize in several of these activities so you can custom create an action packed day, or you can choose a solo activity (pun intended!) to start off your trip.

Once the adrenaline has worn off, venture into town to get acquainted with how the early settlers in New Zealand lived. You can explore historic gold mining villages and old farm homesteads surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery.

Queenstown in particular is also known for having a rich Maori heritage. Fun fact: the Maori traditional greeting is done with two people briefly pressing their forehead and noses together at the same time. Known as the Hongi, the Maori people believe the sharing of a breath is comparable to two souls intermingling together. How beautiful is that? You can imagine how much life there is in Maori culture, and their passion and heart is evident in their performing arts and rituals.

Hopefully the above has inspired you to begin planning your solo trip in 2019. While writing this blog, we had trouble picking a handful of solo travel destinations just because there are so many great cities and countries to visit. Stay tuned for our part two blog with even more of our favorite solo travel spots.

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