Solo travel destinations - Part 2

Best Solo Travel Destinations For 2019 | Part 2

In our last travel blog, we shared some of the best solo trips to take, in the hopes of inspiring you to try something new. Sure, solo travel can be a bit intimidating, but just imagine the possibilities and opportunities you can experience when you aren’t tied down by any group decision making. It’s definitely something we recommend trying at least once. You might be surprised in a good way at what you learn about yourself while enjoying your own company in an exciting new place. Without further ado, here are a few more ideas for your next solo travel adventure!

Solo Travel Destinations | Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent choice for solo travel, as it’s a rich mix of adventure, people, food, and culture. The Costa Rican jungle is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, with plenty of opportunities to see native wildlife. There are over 500,000 species found here, mind-blowing right? What’s even more mind-blowing is the fact that over 300,000 of them are insects. Don’t worry, there are plenty of gorgeous mammals, reptiles, and amphibians for you to feast your eyes on, but hey, we won’t judge you if you want to book a trip because of the insane collection of bugs in this jungle.

After snapping a few selfies with tapirs and coatis, you’ll have worked up quite the appetite. Gallo pinto is a must have, which consists of a rice and beans base and is traditionally served with breakfast. As the national dish of Costa Rica, it would be wrong not to try it during your stay there! Frequent travelers to the area often say the best gallo pinto is found in the small, “hole in the wall” style places vs. the fancy restaurants and hotels which are known for over preparing the dish. Patacones, which are mashed, fried green plantains, and casado, similar to a taco with meat or fish, rice, beans, plantains, and more, are both considered classics.

As you’re enjoying the food and the diverse wildlife Costa Rica has to offer, we’re sure you’ll also notice the laid back and friendly demeanor the Costa Ricans have. “Pura Vida” is an infectious way of life there, a philosophy sure to leave an impression on the travelers enjoying the area.

Solo Travel Destinations | Singapore

One of the most impressive things about visiting Singapore is what a cultural melting pot it is. As you delve into your solo traveling experience, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of cultures. Start by taking a walk through a very bright and colorful Chinatown, where the streets are filled with little stands and shops with unique trinkets, clothes, jewelry, and so much more. One of the most unique things about Singapore is the local food courts, which look very much like an outdoor version of a mall’s food court. Instead of eating cheap mall food though, you’ll get to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine at an incredibly low price. Intermingling with the locals and other tourists would be a great way to figure out where to go next, especially if you aren’t the planning type, and don’t already know where you’d like to go.

The Thian Hock Keng temple in Singapore
Explore the architectural significance of the Thian Hock Keng temple in Singapore.

As you’re wandering through the busy streets of Singapore, you might find yourself looking for something to do that’s a little more quiet and relaxing. Try finding some of the many temples and churches there are to admire and explore. The Thian Hock Keng temple is one of the oldest temples in Singapore, built in 1839 by the Hokkien clan. Learning more about the deities and ancestral worship that takes place here is just as interesting as exploring the architectural structures and their significance.

After you’ve taken the time to appreciate Singapore’s unique architecture in the Thian Hock Keng, head over to the Singapore Botanic Gardens where you can experience a refreshing tranquility right in the heart of the city. The idea for a national garden in Singapore first began in 1822, and the Gardens have been an important home for the botanical and horticultural work that takes place there. It’s recommended you plan about 2-3 hours at least to walk through the entire park, depending on how much you would like to see. Of all the beautiful flowers, fountains, and sculptures there are to see, the Vanda Miss Joaquim might top your list. As the national flower of Singapore, it’s one of the most popular destinations in the Gardens, and for good reason.

Solo Travel Destinations | Spain

Spain can be one of the best solo travel trips to take, not only because of its friendly and fun reputation, but also because of all there is to do there. Seasoned travelers often say it’s best not to have a planned itinerary, and you’re better off letting Spain guide you instead! Simply walk outside of where you’re staying, and you’re practically guaranteed to end up having a great time.

As you’re deciding on which cities are a must-see, consider all of your options, as there’s a handful of great ones. You have Barcelona, an adored city with an excellent group culture and endless opportunities for unbelievable dining and impressive art. Seville can offer you some of the most beautiful neighborhoods you’ll have the pleasure of seeing in Spain, and Gothic architecture that gives the entire city a very dignified feel. Perhaps Madrid is calling your name, with the promise of a full food tour to experience the very best of Spanish cuisine. Whether you have time for a thorough trip in one city, or a quick visit to several, it’s hard to go wrong with any of your choices in Spain.

If the above solo travel spots don’t have you ready to venture off on your own, we’ll be surprised! We’d love to hear about your own solo traveling adventures if you have stories to tell. Head on over to our social pages to share – Facebook or Twitter.

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