Best places to study abroad in 2019

Best Places to Study Abroad in 2019

College is a place where you are exposed to many experiences life has to offer. These experiences often include filling your mind with knowledge, discovering what you are passionate about, creating new friendships and an opportunity to see the world. If you are a travel fanatic, studying abroad is something you may want to consider. Having the chance to experience life as a student in another country is an excellent opportunity! Imagine yourself feeling like a local in Italy as you order your favorite pasta dish in Italian with a group of friends. There is so much to learn and discover from a country during your study abroad experience. With so many study abroad options (19 countries to choose from), you might ask yourself “Where should I study abroad? What is the best place for me?”

Say no more! We have put together a list below of some of the best places to study abroad in 2019.

Best places to study abroad in 2019 – Spain
An old cozy street in Madrid, Spain displaying colorful architecture.

As the first country to take part in the study abroad program back in 1987, Spain is known for its stress-free lifestyle and colorful culture. Oleyour way through an experience of rich history, great food, sangrias and nightlife. Spain is the perfect place to brush up on your Spanish, study subjects such as politics, business and art, or join a futbol (aka soccer) league! A majority of students select Madrid for their abroad destination, however, if you are interested in exploring other small cities, Seville, Barcelona, Bilbao and Granada are some of the more popular locations that students have traveled to.

Best places to study abroad in 2019 – France
The Eiffel Tower and Seine River at sunset.

Prepare yourself for a semester filled with captivating culinary creations, tasteful art, and learning the language of love. From the dazzling lights beaming off the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the coastal sun and fun in the French Riviera, France consistently tops the list as one of the best countries for students to study abroad. Home to several worldwide famous universities, French business schools are acclaimed for their exceptional teaching styles. If you dream of one day owning your own clothing line or opening a five-star restaurant, French universities are definitely worth looking into when determining your study abroad destination.

Best places to study abroad in 2019 – Japan
Breathtaking landmarks in Japan, Mt. Fuji and Chureito Red Pagoda.

An island of beaches, mountains, beautiful zen-like architecture, temples, invigorating metropolitan cities and hundreds of museums, Japan has something to offer for everyone.  Besides being the nation that invented emojis, Japan has given us some of the most well-known technological advances to-date and is a great choice to study abroad for those interested in technology, finance or business. For those of us interested more in the cultural aspect, take part in one of the most serene nature walks by attending a cherry blossom festival. The little pink florets take over city sidewalks, parks and fill temple gardens with vivid bursts of color. During this time of year, students will have the opportunity to be part of the hanamior a centuries-old tradition of enjoying picnics underneath the trees and learning about the spiritual meaning behind the esteemed cherry blossoms.

Best places to study abroad in 2019 – Italy
Enjoy a relaxing sunset walk around the Coliseum in Italy.

People come from near and far to experience one of the greatest attractions Italy has to offer; the food. Italy is like a food-lover’s dream come true with an authentic array of seafoods, pasta and of course, gelato. Let’s not forget about the miles and miles of countryside, filled with breathtaking views of vineyards and delicious wine! There are several reasons to choose Italy to pursue your studies abroad, such as education, affordable living costs and remarkable attractions. Students can also benefit from choosing to study abroad in Italy, especially those focusing on music, art design, history and architecture. Some of the most iconic sites and ruins can be found in Italy.

Best places to study abroad in 2019 – Germany
A view of the Old Town architecture in Germany.

As one of the economic powerhouses of Europe, Germany has more to it than just beer and a thousand different kinds of sausages. It is also one of the best known destinations for free tuition. Germany has so much to offer for study abroad students. Whether you want to study in Berlin, Frankfurt, or any other German city, you are guaranteed to receive a high standard of education. Besides growing in your area of study, studying in Germany will help in your overall skill development, as students are expected to be independent and self-directed.

Earning your degree in a different country can be very exciting. With so much to learn and experiences to take in, you won’t want to miss a thing. Hopefully our list of best places to study abroad has helped you find the right place for you. Once you’ve chosen your study abroad destination, don’t forget to stay prepared for your flight and admissions process. Need a certified copy of your birth certificate before traveling? VitalChek is happy to help. Safe travels!

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