back to school organization tips

Back to School Organization Tips

In August 10, 2017

Hopefully you’ve already conquered your back to school shopping list and you or your young students are prepped and ready to go for the new school year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent who’s kiddos are entering their first year of school, or you’re a seasoned professional student; sometimes getting and staying organized throughout the school year can be difficult. We’ve got some back to school organization tips to help you or your family stay on track to keep the students in the household equipped to learn.

5 Back to School Organization Tips

  1. Daily Schedules – Whether you’re a one-student household or you’re a college student on the go, having a clearly visible calendar that everyone utilizes can help keep your household to a tight schedule. From after school events to class schedules to exam dates and project timelines, a dry erase calendar or printed out daily agenda can help keep everyone in a straight line.
  2. Set up a “Study Zone” – Having a designated area of the house where students can focus can be a great way to keep their nose in their books and away from distractions. A quiet corner or office where they have access to resources to study and complete projects can keep their eyes on the task at hand without being sidetracked.
  3. Create Weekly Menus – Good healthy food is important to keep students fueled and prepared to take on their studies. Creating a menu for the week takes the guess work out of dinner and lets you get your shopping trips wrapped up in one go. Less guess work usually means healthier options!
  4. Organize the Fridge and Pantry – Another one on the list of great back to school organization tips circles back to fueling those learning brains! It can be hectic getting everyone out of the house in the morning, so to cut down on the hassle of organizing lunches and snacks for the day you might try keeping bins loaded with lunch supplies ready to go. When it’s time to pack food in the morning, simply grab a few things from their respective bins, load them into lunchboxes and away you go. You can go so far as to portion out fruits and veggies, package up lunch meats and cheese and throw chips and other foods into sandwich bags or tupperware so they’re easy to grab when you’re in a rush.
  5. Set up an Organized Filing System – When it comes to getting back to school, the stream of papers, assignments, permission slips and forms is never ending. To keep things organized, set up a filing system near your homework station to store copies and other important documents. It’s a good idea to also keep copies of things like vaccination records and certified copies of birth certificates so they’re readily available when it’s time to enroll in sports and other extracurricular activities.
back to school tips

Create a neat and tidy homework station to keep resources near at hand for the student in your home.


Staying organized and keeping on task is key to successful learning. Setting your household up early can help students get the optimal benefits from study time. Utilizing these back to school organization tips should hopefully cut some of the stress and last minute decision making out of the upcoming school year.

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