5 Things To Do This Spring

In March 28, 2014

It’s time to shed those winter layers—and luckily there’s no shortage of things to look forward to doing with the spring season upon us! Here’s a list of things that you should take advantage of doing this spring.

1. Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t so bad when it means that warm weather and blooming flowers are on the way. It’s a great idea to set aside some time in early spring to put away all of your heavy winter clothing and replace it with a lighter wardrobe, open up the windows and let some fresh air in. Reorganize your cabinets and drawers – that way you can soak up the nice weather for weeks to come!

2. Head Outdoors

Go for a hike! Pack up a lunchbox and call for a family picnic. Load up the car and head to the closest park! If you’ve been cooped up all winter long this will feeling nothing short of rejuvenating. Don’t let your busy schedule run you into the ground; make some time for yourself to enjoy the weather!


3. Register for Sports

Those registration deadlines will sneak up on you! Be sure to make note of registration deadlines. Many registrations will require up-to-date physicals, emergency cards, and valid forms of ID. If you’ve accidentally misplaced your child’s birth certificate, read this post on how to obtain a copy.

4. Make Plans for Summer Vacation

It’s never too soon to start daydreaming about sunny days. Creating a summer bucket list is a brilliant way to brainstorm ideas that will keep you busy during the summer months. Maybe you can escape the heat and see a movie, take a road trip to a town you’ve never been before, make your own slip and slide! Making a list of ideas will ensure that you make the most of your summer! Doesn’t look like you’ll be hearing “I’m bored” anytime soon!

5. Change Up Your Dinner Menu

Do some research on what produce is in season and incorporate it into your dinner plans. Visit your local farmers’ market or plan ahead on which seasonal fruits and vegetables you should be picking up at the grocery store. In order to enjoy fruits and vegetables, it’s good to know when they are available fresh. Anyone for a strawberry salad?

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Is there anything that you look forward to doing in the spring that we didn’t mention? Leave us a tip in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!


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