2019 wedding trends

2019 Wedding Trends

In November 14, 2018

Planning for a wedding typically starts at least a full year in advance and involves everything from selecting the perfect day and finding the perfect venue. It definitely takes quite a bit of thinking ahead! However, this brings up a very valid question that overwhelms many soon-to-be married couples. What are the wedding trends for 2019 and how are you supposed to know them a year in advance? It can seem overwhelming at first but luckily there are plenty of forecasts on 2019 wedding trends to help you make informed decisions on everything from where to get married to popular colors to the must-have food and favors. Whether you’re going to be planning an early spring or late winter 2019 wedding, here are the trends you’ll want to have the inside scoop on to make your big day trendy and the event of the year that everyone will remember!

Enhancing the natural look through a mix of subtle yet equally bold accessories is the common theme you’ll find in 2019 wedding trends. Creating the perfect balance of light and dark, matte and metallic, posh and traditional to compliment each other alongside one or two bold accessories is what most couples are looking to achieve. From the reception decor to the attire for the occasion, everything should aim to create a harmonious look that is only perfectly fitting for the meaning of the day!

Lavender flower bouquet

Lavender and greenery filled bouquets will be a must have for 2019

Every year the popular wedding colors change slightly. Of course the tried and trusted hues of navy blue, blush, merlot, and gray are not going anywhere, but they are being combined in ways that makes them feel new and inspired. Remember, the combination of light and dark will come into play but using new fabrics and patterns will also help to make the overall look of the day unique to you. Other colors are making their way onto the scene as well. You’ll find 2019 weddings adding in more purple hues with lavender replacing many blush tones and rust colors replacing flashy metallics.

natural makeup for 2019 weddings

Wedding make up should make you feel beautiful!

Bridal makeup and hair is also shifting over to favor the natural look. Hair styles are remaining simple and elegant with beachy waves or a timeless side-swept look. Brides are also opting for eyelash extensions instead of wearing false lashes, to achieve a mascara-free look that still makes their eyelashes stand out in person and in photography. And without mascara, brides won’t have to worry that tearing up will ruin any photos! Another way to effortlessly mix in one bold yet classic look is to pair a simple eye look with a wine-colored lip or by using a bold, rust eye look paired with a nude lip.

2019 wedding table trends

Bring the outdoors, in! Greenery on tables and a rustic chic look will be something you see a lot of in 2019

Wedding location and reception decor are no exception to the theme of enhancing the natural appearance. Many young couples of today are facing hectic work schedules and it doesn’t leave much extra time to plan a wedding at a unique destination or outside of a full service wedding venue. Luckily many venues are making it easier for couples to recreate the unique look they want without any added extra hassle. Venues are adding on different services to wedding packages to give couples a wider range of options and an al la carte wedding planning experience that is taken care of by the venue itself. That being said, one trend that won’t be going away is the rustic yet sophisticated style that has been sweeping through wedding and home decor trends in the last two years. The rustic wedding reception however will look to bring more greenery inside of venues as opposed to outdoor, under the star receptions. Couples are also looking to create vertical, sculpture-like floral centerpieces but they’ll be shifting away from the 2018 trend of hanging florals overhead.

2019 wedding photography drone

Find a wedding photographer who uses drones for unique photos to cherish!

Planning a wedding in 2019 wouldn’t be complete without some fun technology too! Many photographers are starting to use drones to capture the perfect pictures or to snap shots at new and unique angles. This also gives couples the chance to have still pictures taken or to get arguably some of the best videography of their wedding day from start to finish. While the bride and groom may be looking to up the level of tech in terms of the photographer, photo booths, and DJ, they are making it more known that they would like guests to refrain from technology use. While it wasn’t as much of a concern 20 years ago, today’s couples often worry that a well-intentioned guest taking cellphone pictures may block the photographer from getting the perfect picture when the famous “you may kiss the bride” words are spoken, so please keep that in mind if you are a guest, and be respectful.

All of the new 2019 wedding trends coming onto the scene are starting to make 2019 weddings sound like some of the best yet. Both couples and guests alike are excited to see what is in store for them when they celebrate the big day – so make sure your guests have plenty of time to save the date! You’ll want to give a few more weeks of time to guests who will need to plan long distance travel arrangements. Whether you or your guests will need a passport or a new REAL ID license to travel, VitalChek is here to help make sure your questions get answered so everyone can make it to watch your vows. Curious about the status of REAL ID if you’re a guest traveling on a domestic flight in 2019 to your best friend’s wedding? You can stay up to date right here!


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