10 Things you Need to Survive a Zombie Cruise

In October 1, 2015

Are you looking for a cruise vacation that doesn’t fit into the same old theme as every other cruise out there? If you love adventure, you need to experience the zombie cruise. Mingle with both the dead and the living while trying your best to stay among the living for 3 terrifying days at sea. Preparing for this cruise may require a bit more thought than the traditional cruise, but luckily we have put together a list of the 10 things you need to service a zombie cruise.

10 Things to bring on the zombie cruise:

  1. Costume – If you are going on this cruise and plan on staying on the side of the living, you better be prepared to camouflage yourself. Bring clean clothes for when you escape the zombies and bring your zombie clothes and makeup for when you want to mingle amongst the dead.
  2. Passport – Going on the cruise with the living? You’ll need a passport to embark on the ship. The ship will require you show your passport every time you leave and re-enter the ship as a part of headcount to make sure you’ve stayed on the side of the living. If you are entering the ship as a zombie, be sure to have your death certificate!
  3. Money/Barter – Bring extra money to buy any supplies you may need when aboard the ship! Remember, once the zombies outnumber the living, you’ll need something to barter with that may be a good other than money. Glow sticks, zombie gear, or protection equipment could help you trade with others for supplies you may need.
  4. Camera – Long days and nights can easily get mixed up when you are fighting off zombies. Documenting your days abroad the zombie cruise will help keep you organized. After you have fought off the zombies, you can remember the challenges you and your fellow living overcame!
  5. Emergency Bag – You never know when the zombies will come knocking down your door. Have all food and water ready in your bug out bag just in case you need to grab it and run for your life.
  6. Bottle Opener – Your ship may allow you to bring a bottle of wine on board and we bet you are going to need it after fighting off zombies all day long. Who knows when your handy dandy bottle or wine opener may just come in handy for other purposes!
  7. Medications – you won’t want to run out of the important medications you need to make it through the day while at sea. Chances are, you won’t be able to get to the pharmacy when you make it to zombie filled land either, so packing your resources can help you in the long run.
  8. Solar Charger – Bring a solar charger to charge your phone, camera, or to power a cooking device when you are in the bowels of the ship trying to build up your energy fighting off the zombies.
  9. Night light – If the zombies start taking over, you will want to have a way to light up dark hallways. Pack a night light and you’ll be thankful you did!
  10. Prepackaged Snacks – you can never have too many snacks when it is you against the zombies. These will come in handy after a long few days at sea and when you aren’t sure if the food aboard the cruise will be available if the zombies overrun the kitchen.

Being prepared for the Walker Stalker Zombie Cruise will help make sure you come back as one of the living and avoid turning into a zombie. Bring these 10 items on the zombie cruise and you will be prepared to fight of the dead for days and will help ensure you have fun doing so. Have any other ideas about what you will need to bring to survive? Let us know and be sure to tell your fellow living cruisers too!

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