10 Famous Celebrities That Changed Their Names

In September 16, 2014

A name can have a big impact on who you are and how you feel about yourself. That is why it should not be surprising that so many celebrities have changed their name. Next time you find yourself wondering if your name is the one you were destined to have, think about these 10 celebrities that changed their name and reached the heights of superstardom.

  • Madonna – Famous for her single name, she was actually born Madonna Louise Ciccone, but dropped the middle and last names as she chased fame.
  • Bruno Mars – With a name as cool as Bruno Mars, it isn’t surprising he wasn’t born with it. In fact, his name was actually Peter Hernandez before he launched his career as a musical superstar.
  • Vin Diesel – Another name too cool to be true is Vin Diesel’s. In reality, this action star was born Mark Vincent.
  • Elton John – This Crocodile Rock singer was actually born Reginald Dwight—a name change and iconic sunglasses helped launch this musician to superstardom.
  • Marilyn Monroe – One of the most famous cases of a changed celebrity name, young Marilyn Monroe was actually born Norma Jean Mortenson.
  • Jamie Foxx – Would Oscar winner Jamie Foxx had become the household name he is had he kept his rather ordinary birth name of Eric Bishop?
  • Miley Cyrus – Before Miley became the crazy singer of “Wrecking Ball,” she was born Destiny Hope Cyrus. While Destiny is a name that makes it seem she was destined for great things, would she have been as memorable as a Destiny Hope?
  • Lady Gaga – It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that Lady Gaga is not this artist’s given name. However, her “real” name is almost as crazy. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as easy as Lady Gaga, does it?
  • Charlie Sheen – Famous son of Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen (like his dad) is actually an Estevez—Carlos Estevez to be exact.
  • Lorde – One of the hottest names in music in 2014 has been Lorde—would we still be singing Royals at the top of our lungs if she hadn’t chosen to use a stage name instead of her given name of Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor?

We may never know if these names had any impact on the success of these celebrities. However, if you feel stardom calling you, changing your name legally is more difficult than simply making a decision. You will have to go through an official process which includes changing the name on your official birth certificate. Do not give up on your dreams, but keep this in mind before you become too attached to that crazy sounding name that’s bouncing around your head.



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