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The Worst and Best First Dates that Led to Marriage

First dates are tough. Between worrying about what to wear, how to plan the best first date, or how to bail if it is going terribly, it can be kind of difficult to relax and just be yourself. From the time we were little, movies and TV shows have pushed the “love at first sight” story on us. Unfortunately, real life tends to go a little differently. Most of the time, you don’t hear about your friend’s best first date…you hear about the awkward hug or handshake that happened and the funny stories that go with it.


First dates often  fall into the awkward category rather than the  magical one so you can take some comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone. Awkward first dates don’t automatically mean you won’t be a great match with the other person.  Similarly, love at first sight encounters don’t necessarily mean you are a great match. The following stories about the worst first dates that led to marriage show that, in the end, what’s meant to be will always find a way. And we’ll even give you some best first date ideas to help you along.


Worst First Dates Turned True Love


  • Ever been on a first date, a double date, mind you, where three people speak another language that you don’t speak? That is exactly what happened to Joelle, who was miserable the entire time on her bad first date with Bert. You can read more about their story on but just know that they ended up getting married despite this worst first date story!
  • Next in line for worst first dates is the person who stands someone up. That sinking feeling of dread that happens when you realize your date isn’t coming, yeah, that makes for a pretty bad first date. Thankfully, this time it was not intentional. Beverly and Pablo met at one of Pablo’s art shows and made plans to meet up again. However, this occurred at a time before everyone had cellphones.  Pablo called Beverly for directions only to get a disconnected phone line. He assumed she wasn’t interested and she thought he stood her up. Yet, they eventually got together and have been married for 40 years. Read their story from Martha Stewart Weddings.
  • No first date should start with a fight, right? Well, that is exactly what happened to Mary on her first date with her future husband. Even though Mary was not being particularly nice when they were introduced to each other by a friend, they still went out on a date the next day, only to argue over him calling her rude. Somehow they got past it and eventualy married! Ready Mary’s worst first date story and others like it from SheKnows.
  • No one wants to get sick on the first date and they certainly don’t want their first date to end at the ER. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Rosie McDuff on her first date with Tim Derryberry. She started to feel ill and excused herself to go to the bathroom only to end up so sick that Tim had to drive her to the ER. Of course, to Rosie’s dismay, Tim was there for all of the personal questions the doctors asked that eventually led to her kidney stone diagnosis. Somehow through all of that, they ended up happily married! Read their story from People Magazine.


These stories of bad first dates that led to love should leave you with hope that despite some bad luck, things can still work out just fine! And if you’re looking for first date ideas so you can check one thing off of your list to be nervous about, we’ve got some suggestions. Plenty of Fish, an online dating service, surveyed users to find out the key to success in online dating, especially in terms of what led to marriage. You can read the article on Glamour but, here are some of the best first date ideas that may land you a second, third, and many more dates to come!


  • Go simple when grabbing food on your first date. Most users who eventually got married went on this type of first date. Keeping it simple and casual takes away the stress of first date planning.
  • The runner up first date idea was going for a walk. Again, keeping it simple while enjoying the great outdoors can give people something to talk about as they get to know each other.
  • The third most popular date was grabbing coffee or drinks. If you love coffee, tea, or trying new craft beers, have your first date at a location known for great drinks!


These three dates are all simple but they don’t put a lot of pressure on the people involved and can help reduce those awkward moments. If you do have an awkward moment, just remember, it may eventually turn into a shared laugh which could then turn into a lifetime of shared laughs, especially when you look back on your bad first date with your soulmate!

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