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Winter vs. Summer Wedding | How to Choose For Your Big Day

In November 11, 2019

Sometimes when it comes to weddings, the most fun is had in planning the details. Sometimes though, planning is actually the worst part! If you’re starting to think about tying the knot, things like location, menus, colors and who to invite are at the forefront of your mind. But what about picking the date? There are pros and cons to the time of year you decide to get hitched, and those don’t even take into consideration sentimental dates and desires. We’re here to help you decide on the best time to get married, and we’ll give you some good ideas to help you decide on a winter vs summer wedding dates.

Winter vs Summer Wedding – What’s best for you?

Sometimes the time of year you decide to wed in is based entirely on your engagement date. Planning out a year or two from the date is fairly common. But some people look for special dates to marry based on special events or memories they had with their significant other. Sometimes it comes down to the perfect setting imagined by a young person in love. Either way, the question of winter or summer wedding can mean a big difference in planning. Check out some of the pros and cons for each season below.

Winter Wedding Pros and Cons

During the winter, the venue is one of the most important factors to consider when planning your big day. If you find a remote location, you have to take into consideration unpredictable weather conditions, transportation, wardrobe and the cost of indoor vs. outdoor. Regardless, there are a lot of factors that vary greatly based on the time of year, so let’s see what some pros and cons are when it comes to winter weddings. 

winter wedding ideas
Rustic decor, cozy dining, indoor locations – winter weddings can be cost effective and intimate.

Pros of a winter wedding:

  • Availability of Professionals – Winter weddings are not as popular as summer weddings so wedding professionals such as photographers, caterers, planners, etc. may be more readily available at a more affordable cost. 
  • Venue Availability – Since summer dates are more common, you may discover that your dream venue has a flexible calendar during the winter months. 
  • Your menu can be cozy – Taking into consideration cost effectiveness, winter wedding menus tend to favor comfort foods, wholesome soups, fulfilling appetizers and warm cocktails. 
  • Romance – We’re not saying a stroll through a mountain meadow after you say “I do” won’t be enchanting, but there’s something to be said about the possibility of snow on your wedding day. Twinkling lights, evergreen decor, ribbon and sparkle – cozying up to your loved ones in cold months definitely has appeal. 

Cons of a winter wedding:

  • Travel troubles – Remember that winter weddings tend to be near or around holidays – this combined with inclement weather may impair your guests ability to get to your big event. 
  • Sharing your big day with a Holiday – If you’re tying the knot in, say December, there are numerous religious and cultural holidays during that time around the world. Some people definitely want their wedding day to share one of those holiday dates, and that can be memorable on its own. 
  • Outdoor vs. indoor – Depending on location, you may not have the opportunity to move your wedding festivities outdoors. The best planning may not prepare you for crazy winter storms, so if spending part of your big day outdoors is important, you may want to reconsider the time of year. 

Summer Wedding Pros and Cons

Summer has its fair share of awesome wedding related pros. But getting married during the most popular time of year definitely has its downsides. In the winter vs. summer wedding debate, it’s important to consider things like cost and festivities, available flowers and ease of travel. Check out some important pros and cons to summer wedding planning below. 

Pros of a summer wedding:

  • Weather – Let’s face it. Most of us prefer sunny skies and warm temps for our parties and big events. Unless you love the snow, planning your wedding during the warmer months is ideal. Outdoor dining, drinking with your friends and family around a fire pit, running in fresh cut grass barefoot all make for good memories!
  • Cost of Travel – Because summer is generally tourist season, chances are good that deals on airline travel and lodging might be easier to find. 
  • Longer days – It might sound silly, but when the sun is out until 9 pm, you can spend more carefree time outdoors – especially if you find yourself a remote and gorgeous natural venue location. 
  • Easy menu – Roast whole hogs, barbeque, buffet style outdoor dining – setting up picnic tables may be more intimate and fun than formal indoor table settings. 
Winter or summer wedding? That’s the ultimate question when choosing your wedding date. From menu to decor, to colors and venues, choosing the right date takes into consideration a lot of factors. 

Cons of a summer wedding:

  • Cost…for everything – Because summer tends to be a more popular time of year to get hitched, you’re looking at less availability (without planning) than winter. That means your caterers, your florists, venues, entertainment and bakers are a bit busier in summer months. This could imply higher costs due to their packed schedules.
  • Warmer temps don’t necessarily mean better weather – As you consider your wedding date, keepin mind that torrential storms during summer can occur in many destination locations, along with high temperatures, humidity, and bugs. Summer definitely has its own share of icky weather related conditions. 
  • Sunlight – You read that right. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, sunlight can play a huge roll in making or breaking your day. You will want to ensure your outdoor wedding location has plenty of places for your guests, especially the elderly ones, to get out of the sun. And then there’s the photographs which of course require the perfect lighting!

No matter what time of year you choose to make things official, we’re sure it’ll be a special event. Make certain you handle the legal side of things by taking care of acquiring your license and vital records in advance of your big day. We hope your big day goes off with nothing but happy memories! Congratulations! 

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