which sport should my child play

Which Sport Should My Child Play? | Signing Up for School Sports

For many families, back to school is in full swing. While return dates vary across the country, one thing is for sure; if your kids aren’t back in class already, they soon will be! Along with the return to school comes the start up of school sports seasons. As the parents of youngsters, you may be considering which sports your child should play or if they should play at all. If the school sports season is new to you, you may be asking yourself “When should my child play sports?” We’ve got some great tips to help you decide when is the best time to get the kids involved in activities and with their input determine sports that may be the best fit. 

Which Sport Should my Child Play?

Understanding that physical activity and the social benefits of youth sports are unending, some think it’s important to allow kids the opportunity to get involved in sports and activities that interest them. As parents, we tend to want to steer our children into activities and hobbies that we personally enjoy. While you want to bond and share your personal experiences with them, some kids have their heart set on an activity that is completely different. There are a few things to consider when helping your child choose a sport.

  • Interests – If you find your child is drawn to a specific activity, assess the cost and time involved and see if that works for your family. Some activities and sports require less equipment and time spent. 
  • Your family’s schedule – If you’ve already got a lot of sports or extracurricular activities on your agenda, whether for adults or kids in the family, it’s important not to overwhelm your family with obligations and commitments you can’t keep. If you already have piano lessons, tutoring and football, adding horseback riding lessons or choir may be a bit much. Make sure you don’t overwhelm anyone by taking on too much.
  • Your child’s age – Learning about teamwork and getting along with others is always an important set of skills to develop. That’s why getting your kids into group activities around 5 or 6 is the perfect age to start those behavioral foundations. But when enrolling your young children in group sports, be sure to place them into activities that don’t overwhelm their development, and keep your level of expectation realistic. While learning to work together playing soccer is great for them, they may not quite understand strategy and competition at such a young age. Sometimes activities that require a team setting, but help develop their skills on a personal level are more beneficial. Things like gymnastics, music lessons and horseback riding are great confidence boosters.
  • Physical traits – If your child is on the shorter side, sports like basketball may not be their forte. Someone who is a bit stockier may not be the fastest runner but excel at wrestling. Cater to their attributes that can help them in any given activity.
  • Your child’s personality – If your child is shy, or outgoing, a leader or a follower, these are all traits you’ll want to consider when considering which sport your child should play. 
Helping your child choose a sport can be fun! Listening to their interests is a great place to start.

When Should My Child Play Sports?

Of course the ultimate question is really “When should my child play sports?” You can’t really help them decide on which activities to enroll in until you’re sure they’re ready. But  how do you tell? And how do you know if they’re still interested once you get them started? The first big clue is your children showing an interest in activities. You can find leagues and teachers for kids of most ages, but they’ll get the best experience out of the deal if they’re well prepared and developmentally ready. Of course, you know your kids best, so you’ll know better than anyone whether they’re ready for serious lessons or competitive activities. You can check out organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America or the YMCA for local sports opportunities, as well as checking with the school district your kids are enrolled with.

When it’s time to get your kids signed up for school and youth sports, check out our blog on steps to take to get them enrolled. The school year will be well underway before you know it!


  1. Hi
    My son is 13 years and loves baseball
    But I don’t know how to go about it as he’s not had any kind of professional training
    Where to start from??
    School or some community sports center??
    Will he be enrolled into beginners program considering his age?
    Is it too late for him to start?

    1. Hello Zeenat. It’s never too late to start. School sports programs, community leagues or Little League are a great place to start.

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