Where to stay for Oktoberfest

Where to Stay for Oktoberfest This Fall

We’re counting down the days until that first, fresh chill is in the air and summer begins to fade away. The fall season has many perks to look forward to: hot beverages, comfortable sweaters, and gorgeous views of fiery orange, golden yellow, and scarlet red leaves. For those of you who love to travel, with a particular passion for autumn, you’re in luck. There are a lot of great options for trips to plan in the fall. Check out one of our recent blogs here, for the best places in the US to see fall colors in 2018.

We completely understand if planning a trip only around the trees changing color is not your cup of tea. What about if beer is involved? Now that we have your attention, we’d like to share a list of where to stay for Oktoberfest this fall. Craft beer AND fall colors? Now we’re talking!

Time to start looking up Oktoberfest dates!

It’s time to start looking up Oktoberfest dates and planning your upcoming trip!

Where to Stay for Oktoberfest This Fall

Before cutting to the chase, let’s pay homage to the history of the original Oktoberfest. This festival, which originates all the way back to 1810, was born as a way for the citizens of Munich, Bavaria to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Teresa of Sassonia-Hildburghausen. From 1819 onward, the citizens of Munich took on the responsibility of the festivities, with Oktoberfest becoming an annual event. You can read more about the history of Oktoberfest here. Due to the origins of this well-regarded beer festival, our first recommendation on where to stay for Oktoberfest is….


It makes sense for Munich to be #1, after all, this is the original Oktoberfest! You can find more information about the original event here, and browse hotels for your stay this September here. This is a 16-day event, taking place September 22nd to October 7th in 2018. If you find yourself questioning just how much the Germans love their beer, just know that Oktoberfest is the largest beer-drinking event in Europe, with nearly 6 million people visiting per year and growing. If Germany is too far-fetched an idea for this year’s trip, that’s OK. Moving on to some more local and affordable options.

Ontario, Canada

Believe it or not, Canada actually hosts the second largest Oktoberfest event in the world, with an average attendance of 700,000 guests. Canadians and tourists celebrate in the twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, with dates in October. If you’re looking to travel to Canada for Oktoberfest this year, the dates will be October 5th-13th. You can find more information here, including how to buy tickets and what events will take place in the area during the festival.

Breckinridge, Colorado

Colorado is the place to be in September if you’re looking to party in the mountains. From September 7th-9th, Breckinridge hosts an Oktoberfest event that’s free to attend. Any dollars spent will be on beer and food, you know, the finer things in life! This CO Oktoberfest event features over three dozen authentic German vendors serving food and beverages, German-themed games, and historic dress, dancing, and entertainment. Check out all the details at GoBreck.com.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Home to one of the largest Oktoberfest events in the US, La Crosse has two separate locations for you to enjoy. They even offer a shuttle service for you to travel between them and make sure you’re taking in all that Wisconsin has to offer in late September. The 2018 dates are September 27th-30th, and tickets can be purchased here. La Crosse does something a bit unique, where they write a blog series called ‘Where’s Gambi?”, involving a statue of King Gambrinus, otherwise known as the “patron saint of beer”. What a title! This statue is one of three symbols of leadership of the Oktoberfest Festmaster. La Crosse’s website features a great video (see below) of Oktoberfest history.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville guarantees you a great time, beyond the Oktoberfest celebrations and the beer. Music City is very family friendly, and you can rest assured there’s something for everyone here. Activities include lots and lots of beer, the Dachshund Derby, an annual parade, a beer slide (what?!), and more! The Oktoberfest event takes place October 11th-14th this year, and general admission is free! You can purchase VIP tickets here, which give you access to private beer tents and bathroom area, exclusive access to all VIP events, beer tokens, and more.

New York City

To represent the East Coast, we had to throw this one into the mix. NYC’s event on the East River goes from September 28th-October 7th this year, with tickets on sale here. If you’re planning on attending Munich on the East River, you can look forward to a fully decorated Oktoberfest tent rich with German culture, original Oktoberfest beers on tap, traditional German cuisine, live music, vendors, and games and competitions. An added plus is all staff on site are fluent in English and German. You might want to brush up on your German so you can participate in the full experience!

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