What states are REAL ID compliant?

What States Are Real ID Compliant?

In September 26, 2018

UPDATED 11/6/20: In 2019, we’re dedicating ourselves to helping consumers understand what they need to know about REAL ID. In updating our state compliance blog, we’ve added a few states to the list of REAL ID compliant states (MA, MN, NH, PR, VA, and WA). Continue to check the VitalChek site and blog for more information on REAL ID, as well as Official Travel Documents for all the latest in breaking REAL ID news.

The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress so long ago (in 2005 – over a decade now!) that the quickly rising mentions of REAL ID in the news may be concerning. Researching what states are REAL ID compliant is a great second step in understanding what you need to do to prevent any traveling mishaps after the official deadline or an extension date, if your state has received one.

Why a great second step? Well, the first step is understanding exactly what the REAL ID Act is and how it will be enforced. Our first blog in the REAL ID series outlines the most commonly asked questions about this new type of ID and how it may or may not affect you. Understanding those details first will tell you whether or not you need a REAL ID as well as the official deadlines.

Does my state have a REAL ID extension?

There is an official deadline for REAL ID compliance, however, some states have requested extensions on that date.

Once you brush up on the REAL ID basics, we can focus on whether or not your state is already REAL ID compliant.

What States Are REAL ID Compliant?

This list covers all of the US states currently compliant with the REAL ID Act. This list will grow in the coming months, as more states achieve their compliant status.

  • At this time, all U.S. States and Territories are Real ID compliant

You might be wondering what this compliant status even means. Are you able to go to your local DMV right now in a compliant state and obtain your REAL ID? We urge you to check your state’s DMV website for up to date information on REAL ID deadlines and availability. Keep in mind some states refer to REAL ID by other names, for example, Alabama refers to the new ID as STAR ID Card, while Georgia refers to it as Secure ID.

What States Requested An Extension For REAL ID?

  • Currently, all U.S. states and American territories are REAL ID compliant at this time.

What does a REAL ID state extension mean?

An extension may be granted at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security based on the state’s ability to provide adequate justification of noncompliance. This means that federal facilities and agencies may accept official driver’s licenses from states that have received extensions from the Department of Homeland Security. Fortunately, the enforcement for domestic air travel requiring REAL IDs is rolled out in phases. While January 22, 2018 was the official date that domestic air travel began requiring a REAL ID to pass through security, residents of any state that has been granted an extension are allowed to use their regular driver’s license until the extension expires.

You can read more about REAL IDs and FAQs for state extensions and information and for the general public on the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID page.

Staying up to date on what states are REAL ID compliant, and on REAL ID news in general, will pay off as these deadlines approach. You may not need a REAL ID, but staying informed on how the rules are changing for boarding commercial flights is a smart move just in case! Keep an eye out for future blogs in the coming weeks that will also be a part of our REAL ID series.

If you’re looking for more information on travel documents, Official Travel Documents is your go-to resource. Their travel updates are an excellent way to stay informed on everything REAL ID related, as well as any relevant travel news. Need assistance with vital records? VitalChek provides government certified vital records while keeping your information safe and secure. Happy travels!


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