What is skip-gen travel?

What is skip-gen travel?

Sorry Mom and Dad but the Grandparents have some bad news about your attendance on the family vacation this year. See, the kids, Grandma, and Grandpa have booked a vacation without you this time around. Okay, while we doubt anyone starts the conversation quite like this, the scenario isn’t so far off from reality with skip-gen traveling becoming more and more popular. What is skip-gen traveling you ask? Simply put, skip-gen traveling is when grandparents plan a vacation with their grandkids but leave their own children behind. Don’t fret though, it doesn’t automatically mean that parents are going to miss out!

Skip-gen travelling is increasingly more popular because the Baby Boomer generation is typically retired, with significantly more free time than their own children who are busy developing careers. Or, if parents are being honest, may just need their own little staycation away from the kids. When Grandma and Grandpa take the grandkids on a vacation, whether it be for a few days or a few months, they get the chance to bond and form a more meaningful relationship that may not have had a chance to develop otherwise. The kids will always remember when Grandma taught them to be persistent by insisting to get all of the Epcot country passport stamps or how Grandpa always reminded them to stay humble by wearing the biggest, silliest Mickey Mouse ear headbands (glitter and bows included!). Forming lifelong memories through wholesome family bonding are just a few of the perks, though arguably the best ones!

What else is skip-gen travel good for? Well, instead of summer break consisting of expensive daycare programs, parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their little ones are with family and that they are saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Childcare programs can be expensive and for a family; not having to worry about this bill for a week or a few months can be life changing. The money saved can be used for college or other savings, investments, or to finally catch up on other bills.

If you think a skip-gen trip could be in your future but aren’t sure where grandkids and grandparents would both be able to enjoy the activities, look no further. Here are some popular skip-gen travel ideas to help you plan out a great vacation that is friendly to all ages!


Family fun cruise

Try taking the grandkids on a cruise!


  • Cruises – It is a well known fact that cruises are popular for families because of their wide range of activities that can easily entertain kids and adults. From the pool or play area to theater shows in the evening and everything in between, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Skip-gen trip to amusement park

Who said Grandpa doesn’t like roller coasters?


  • Amusement Parks – While the occasional day trip to the nearest amusement park is exciting, this also encompasses fairytale destinations like Disney World or Disneyland for longer trips.


Skip-gen road trip

Road trip with Grandma and Grandpa!


  • Road Trips – Ever wanted to rent an RV and road trip across the United States? This is perfect for grandparents who want to take their grandkids on a longer trip. While it can be fun for all ages, when the grandkids are a little bit older, planning out the trip together can be half of the fun. Go see Mt. Rushmore, visit the wacky roadside attractions like the world’s biggest beagle, which you can also stay in!

Take some time to plan out a skip-gen vacation for your family, we bet you’ll love it! Looking for more ideas on where to travel? VitalChek has plenty of great destinations here. And of course, for any help with regards to obtaining a passport or the vital records needed to apply for one, you can visit VitalChek.com.

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