What is a family nomadic sabbatical

What Are Nomadic Sabbaticals? | An Emerging Travel Trend

We know that trends in travel are ever changing and evolving. Along with those changes come advancements in transportation, destinations made newly available, along with inventions and gadgets that make travel options even easier for a variety of lifestyles. It’s not uncommon to hear people say that starting a family means giving up on their dreams of traveling the globe. After all, having a home, a steady job, and eventually children in school can seem to make going on long trips to enjoy destinations overseas a bit of a challenge. But there’s an emergence of family traveling that may surprise even the most structured families. Packing up the kids for a holiday trip can seem daunting in itself, but have you heard of family nomadic sabbaticals? 

What is a family nomadic sabbatical? Simply put, a nomadic sabbatical is where a traveler disengages from the daily grind and makes the decision to travel the world. These trips are usually for a year or more, but can range from just a few months to even longer. 

What is a Family Nomadic Sabbatical?

If you’ve got kids, you already know – travel can be difficult to swing. But there’s a new emergence of families who’ve decided to make their family mobile. But what exactly does that entail? Family sabbaticals mean parents often find a position where they’re able to work remotely, so they pack up life and decide to see the world. By working remotely, as long as they have access to the internet at important intervals, they’re able to move freely from destination to destination. Many parents decide to homeschool their kids, making it even easier to keep education and structure while appreciating what the world has to offer.

Some have coined this type of family travel “edventure”; it’s definitely hard to argue the kind of education and cultural awareness you’ll be exposing your kids to as you travel. As the decline in traditional brick and mortar careers is more prevalent, freelance work means a bit more flexibility. With homeschooling, parents are seeing the same kind of flexibility for their kids as well.

Family sabbaticals are gaining in popularity. What better way to help your family gain perspective and learn about other cultures than to simply visit them! Packing up the family and heading on extended travel trips may be the perfect option for you. 

Of course, traveling with kids poses its own set of challenges. From what to pack, where to stay…even long journeys on mass transportation or lengthy plane rides, there are many decisions to make. But those factors don’t seem to be deterring as many families as you might think. There’s the opportunity to live lightly, and in that sort of lifestyle comes the potential for saving. If you pair homeschooling with freelance or remote contract work, it might just be the perfect fit for you and your family.

How to Plan an Edventure for Your Family Sabbatical

If you’re travel savvy, you might be able to organize your family’s edventure all on your own. You may not be surprised, however, to learn that there are travel companies ready to help you plan. You can check out a multitude of blogs, some by knowledgeable family travelers like @bucketlistfamily on Instagram. There’s also the Go Nomad guide to planning a family sabbatical that has some great tips to really get you started. No matter what your goal, or how long you’d like to tour the world with your happy family, one thing is for certain. You’ll need passports, travel documents and certified copies of vital records to get you started. We’d love to hear about your family’s new edventure, so please check in and share. Good luck and have fun building memories!

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